Alluring Sunday……………..

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Slipped into a comfortable, yet stylish dress from Allure and headed out onto the grid. Morning coffee at Guthrie’s and a good musican, Kaklick Martin, what else can you ask for on a Sunday? “His music runs a line from reality to fantasy with songs of metaverse love and loss and reality gone amuck. He performs live with his acoustic guitar and his amazing voice and takes you on journeys you have never been on before.”   I really enjoyed that hour.  Kaklick has a great collection of songs he’s written about SL, and another I enjoyed about Canada, not that I’m biased or anything.  Kaklick will be back at Guthrie’s  17/03 10am slt.


Moving onto Kickin for Tom 2.0 (tom2point0)and his high energy set.”His influences range from the songs of the 50’s up to current day rock & pop! His sets include a wide mix of songs, ranging from Elvis & the Beatles up through the modern pop music of today (Katy Perry, Bruno Mars & Matchbox Twenty to name a few). Country music, 80’s hair bands, folk songs, & even original tunes are usually on the menu as well for this gracious guitar guy”  I do have to say though, Spice Girls? Really Tom! Always entertaining and witty. Catch Tom at Rhi’s Poem 11/03 7pm slt.


Russell Eponym, ” He was one of the first live musicians in Second Life and has performed in most of the major venues. Primarily influenced by the British and European folk tradition, Russell has played in bands and ensembles covering many musical genres and as a solo artist and street singer in London, Paris and Vienna.”  was next on my list.  I have not heard him in awhile and was thrilled to go to his show. Top notch as always this wonderful folk singer, who weaves in and out of your heart and soul. Have a taste of Russell yourself at End of Time 11/03 2pm slt.


Last for me was a fellow I’d not heard before but a friend took me and said I would like him and I did. DimiVan Ludwig at Crystal  Gardens “Talented long time veteran of secondlife. Dimi (aka Chris Harlow) has been playing music for many years. Wide variety of songs from Don Henley, John Prine, Rodney Carrington, Edwin McCain, Neil Young and so many more.” Great show, very interactive with a seasoned performer playing awesome guitar and covers.  He even managed to get shy me, my friend and a few other ladies up on stage to dance for him.  I couldn’t find a next show for him but will keep  checking.


My Charm Breedable Shoes had 2 more babies today and also gave me 10 pink hearts so I have them to breed.  Working towards those darker colours and more rare and fancier shoes. All this takes time to build up so I’m being patient and enjoying the whole process.  There are so many ways to get into the Charm Breedable shoe craze.   You can go to the mainstore and find all you need there to get started. Another is to buy the awesome Bohemian and an Image Starter Pack @40% off at Fashion for Life.  CBF is also offering wearable sneakers for Relay for Life. This will run thru the duration of March 9th, 2013  March 17th, 2013.

There is a raffle going on until April 1, 2013 and tickets can be bought at the following locations:

Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim Morlim Estates

CBF-@Sassy’s Monterey Beach

CBF-@Wheels Seadramon

CBF-@Xxtreme Oasis Xxtreme Oasis Breedables

Note: Sebastian Viper of  CBF will be starting Charm School Classes soon to help everyone better understand the process. If it has seemed daunting to you and you were still thinking it over, have no worries there is always lots of help around. Join the group and have 24/7  help in group chat.

Facebook :


Dont forget Fashion for Life 2013, being held March 9-17.  It features nine fabulous sims created by some of the top creators in Second Life. This year’s theme is The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World.FFL  aims to raise funds and awareness for the American Cancer Society.


11 March End of Time presents:
12pm Jon Bazar
1pm LoveSongs Writer
2pm Russell Eponym
3pm Steveeolio
4pm WashedUp Sideways
5pm FacelessApe Mefusa
6pm Tristyn Homewood
7pm MrMultiWriter & Ed Lowell


My alluring picture is brought to you by the following:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~Amacci ~Linda ~ Vanilla Blond

Dress ~ Allure Cosmos Sweater Dress Off Shoulder (Mesh-Lime)  ( Group Gift)

Shoes ~ Redgrave ~ Doro  (12colors Hud)

Necklace and Earrings ~ MG ~ Ashanti ~TURQUOISE

Background and Pose ~KaTink Photo Studio v1.0 Final

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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