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Busy First Life for me today, so I was limited to my music choices and of course you all know who had my attention, Jon Bazar.  “He says “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.” I missed his first show at End of Time but made the other three, Surfide Hideaway, Encad and  Rhi’s Poem. Jon was in good form with his effortless style of covers with the ocassional original thrown in when coaxed. Jon’s shows are like walking into Cheers, he’s knows all the regular’s names and at least one of their favourite songs which he always plays for them. If you didnt know Jon before the show you defintely do after and you will want more. Join Jon and all the regulars at Guthries 12/03 7am.

Surfside Hideaway always has a fun crowd and good music. On stage before Jon was Bronze 8020 and his laidback style of classic rock as he often does at SS. “Many of his tunes can be found on YouTube as well. Bronze plays a variety of music and mostly acoustic. It’s really difficult to choose a specific genre to describe his style. He plays anything from Country, Irish ditties to folk & blues + much more.”  Always mellow and full of songs we all love, bringing back great memories.  Come take a trip down the classic rock trail with Bronze at The Acoustic Cave 15/03  5pm slt.

Surfside Hideaway CALENDAR :

Encad was the next destination and Evan Micheal a new performer for me was on stage. “Coming from a musical family and filled with youth, Evan Michael brings a fresh sound of popular songs to the grid. This college student bridges the gap between sound and emotion as he sings from beyond the tune into your heart and soul”  I only heard part of his set of well known covers and some originals, but I will be seeing him again, as what I heard was good! Evan will be back at Encad 15/03 2pm slt.

Ecnad  FACEBOOK:   :                         GOOGLE CALENDAR:

This evening Tom 2.0 was the first performer of the evening to grace the Rhi’s Poem stage. I saw Tom last night and as true to form an energetic show and thank goodness no Spice Girls.  Tom will be at Key West 14/03 8pm slt.

Jon followed Tom, then the ever lovely and melodic Stephanniyah Sinatra. “has been singing for as long as she can remember. She has always turned to music to restore and rejuvenate. While others may meditate, hike, pray, and sweat it out at the gym; she finds comfort and solace in her music.”  As lovely as her  voice, Steph entrances her audience who listens mezmorized by her every word and note.  Check Steph out yourself at The Source 12/03 8pm slt.


I did have time to do a bit more looking around at Relay for Life /Fashion for Life and made several purchases at the Gatcha’s at the RFL landing area. I will be doing more shopping over the next few days and blogging my favourites. It’s been very busy at Fashion for Life so I ask you, please script and prim down when you go there and make it more enjoyable for yourself and everyone else. There are official donation boxes all over the grid, no one is personally soliciting donations so please make sure you donate to the offical boxes.

RFL kickoff 1:

RFL kickoff 2:

RFL kickoff 3:

Fashion for Life:


12 March End of Time presents:
12pm Solechant
1pm Freddy Mergatroid
2pm JoAnn Diavolo
3pm Ciske Crumb
4pm Jasher Faith
5pm BlindBoink Parham
6pm izdovrcr Finesmith  


My Monday look is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~ Damselfly~Saxtynn/Blonde Dusky

Eyes ~IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Top~ Hell Bop – Mabel – White

Skirt ~ The Sea Hole – (One Size MESH) Lorette Skirt – Jewel Wing  ~Available at the Gatcha Arcade

Boots ~ ISON – Hawkin ~ (sage) ~Available at the Gatcha Arcade

Necklace and Bracelet ~ Glow  Studio~ Retro double clock  ~ Available at TDR

Pose ~*~*HopScotch*~* Free*Style Dollarbie -2 ~ Available at Shop Free Style

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



One thought on “Gatcha….Busy Monday

  1. I agree…Jon is fantastic…he’s a ton of fun, has a huge song list and a really easy style combined with a voice that I love…plus he’s such a likable guy. He’s real but never takes himself too seriously and I love that.

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