T is for Tuesday

RFL gatcha

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Had my morning coffee at Guthries, one of my favourite wake up venue’s in SL.  I have to tell you Dottie the owner makes a mighty fine cuppa  java.

Matthew Perreault “There’s nobody like Matt, of MatthewShow.com in SL. You have to hear him to understand how unique he is!! Matthew takes an irreverent look at everyday life and writes songs about it, or finds ones that say what he wants to say.” woke me from my semi alive state with his quirky songs.  Matt plays the most interesting tunes, many originals with timely messages . Head to The Drunken Drow 13/03 5pm and give Matt’s unique songs a listen. Looney tunes Beth Odets will be dual streaming with him so it’s bound to be a crazy set.

This evening spent an hour with Von Johin “Live acoustic flatpicking and fingerstyle country blues styles with songs from roots blues artist like Howlin’ Wolf, Rev Gary Davis, Muddy Waters, BB King, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Hot Tuna, Willie Dixon and more, streaming from Von Johin’s Blue Note Studio in Nashville, TN.” at  Prim Economy. Von rocked the Dead, Dylan, so many  awesome  songs in one hour, I could have stayed much longer. Fabulous picking and strumming, Von is definitely one to see. Catch him at Darkstar 14/03 7pm slt.

Last night I mentioned the Charm Breedable Fashion Charm School Classes, well they are starting  13/03 at  5pm slt. If you’re already breeding shoes or are still contemplating  joining the craze it would be a good idea to attend the classes. I’ll be there as I’m sure Sebastian will have lots of good tips on getting those desired darker colours and cool additions such as chains and flowers etc on the shoes.

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CharmedBreedableFashions?ref=ts

My picture is almost all RFL  gatcha items except for my shoes, skin and shape.   Lots of cool gatcha items  if your low on Linden and would still like the help the cause. The Fashion for Life is  full of fantastic items for sale from so many  fabulous designers.  The builds on all the sims are spectacular and a must see, they really outdid themselves this year. I applaud all the  builders and designers on a job well done.


13 March Rhi’s Poem presents:
8pm Therese Nightfire
9pm Ren Enberg
10pm Stratakat

13 March End of Time presents:
12pm Laralette Lane
1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Oldwolf Criss
3pm Oldwolf Criss
4pm Eeco
5pm Bluemonk Rau
6pm MadMax Huet
7pm Rosedrop Rust
8pm Grif Bamaisin


My RFL gatcha inspired  outfit  is by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ Amacci Emerald Eyes – 1 – (   regular and big size)  ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Hair~ Son!a Alba Updo Dirty Blonde ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Dress ~ Sessie  ~Fractal Green ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Shoes ~ Masha  ~ Classic Pumps – Beige ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Jewlery ~ Virtual Impressions Julie  Gold and Aqua Enamel Necklace and Earrings ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Poses ~ PosESioN ~ Walking Her 1 & 3 ~ Available at the RFL Gatcha’s

Background ~ Katink ~ Italy

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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