Want almost free Charm Breeable Shoes? READ!!!!!!

All those shoes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Click Picture

A quick blog to let you all know about a fantastic offer happening tonight, BUT only tonight. Charmed Breedable Fashions is holding a Charm School at 5pm slt and if you attend you can purchase Charm School Supplies for only 100L. This package is worth 10,000L in shoes and products, but you must attend and take in the whole class. Who can pass up this deal? Come to the class, all the information you need to learn how to properly breed the shoes will be divulged plus you can purchase the School Supplies for 100L. School Supplies to include 8 starter shoes, The Maverick  furniture in grey, two weeks shoe polish and enchanted broom, plus you’ll get to meet the CBF team, an awesome group of people.

 “So, play the game on us for two weeks if you dont like it, delete them, nothing lost but some SL time. I bet you have way more fun than  you would ever think. Give it a try.”

See all the pink hearts in my  picture? They all need to be partnered so they can start breeding. Tonight I’m going to learn all the secrets and breed myself some more awesome shoes!   I can hardly wait, and hope to see lots of  Avi’s there and don’t forget to say hi 🙂 Grab this taxi and remember it’s  5pm slt.




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