I wore Zed to Charm School…………….

zed charm school

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Last night I attended Charm School at Charmed Breedable Fashions In this great outfit from Zed. I’ve been blogging about this cool new concept/game for weeks now and was pleased to see a few people who read my blog also attending. Sebastian Viper CEO of CBF spent an hour explaining in great detail how the breeding of shoes works. Sebastian went through the process from start to finish and made sure all questions were answered before he finished the class. It was interesting getting to play with a shoe, adding flare which gives it, it’s individual look.  Each attendee was offered a chance to purchase a School Supply pack for 100L, which included 8 pairs of breedable shoes, storage furniture with animated seat, and a two week supply of shoe polish and broom all of which is worth 10,000 L.

The shoes need to be kept in the specially scripted piece of furniture to allow them to stay healthy and the broom and polish are the staples of life for the shoes.  You need to allow for at least 50 prim to set up all the necessary parts, plus a few more prim for birthing the shoe cradles when the time comes. The shoes are quite easy to take care of and need only be checked on occasionally to make sure their “food” has not run out until it is time to pair and start the breeding process. CBF  has thought of everything to make this easy. There is a shoe monitor available to purchase that will notify you of any changes in your shoes. If your impatient and don’t want to wait the 7 day cycle you can buy crystals to speed them up. There is even a kit available if for some reason your shoes become sick, which will happen if you forget to feed them.

I should  mention that at this time shoes can not yet be made into wearables as they just aren’t mature enough. CBF keeps a eye on the stats and when they see that the shoes are maturing (earning flare) enough, the servers which process the shoes will be turned on.  Sebastian explained to me that if he turned on the servers to make the shoes wearable now, before they have built up enough flare points people would be very disappointed in the shoe they made, so a bit of patience is needed. To me it’s a bit like those starter breads that used to be very popular in First Life. They need time in a special environment to grow, stirring and ingredients added at specific intervals and if the process is followed correctly your rewarded with a wonderful loaf of bread. If not done correctly you were always disappointed with the end product.

There are so many ways to get into the Charm Breedable shoe craze. You can go to the mainstore and find all you need there to get started. Another is to buy the awesome Bohemian and an Image Starter Pack @40% off at Fashion for Life.  This will run through the duration of March 9th, 2013 March 17th, 2013. CBF is also offering wearable sneakers for Relay for Life beginning March 17th.

There is a raffle going on until April 1, 2013 and tickets can be bought at the following locations:

Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim Morlim Estates

CBF-@Sassy’s Monterey Beach

CBF-@Wheels Seadramon

CBF-@Xxtreme Oasis Xxtreme Oasis Breedables

 A Big Thank you……On March 6th /13 Ed Barber and Morf Galaxy, put together a benefit to help with funeral costs in memory of Angelica Svenska’s Brother who passed away suddenly at a very young age.  Angelica is a popular singer in SL and her friends  got together to help raise a total 333.84. Ed, Morf and Angelica would like to thank all the venues and performers who gave of their venues and time to help out. Also much thanks to all who attended and gave so generously their  Lindens.  See poster here.

Today I was tp’d to Aftermath II to hear Thumper Boucher “He plays bass, guitar and keyboards.  His music ranges from jazz, hip-hop, metal to indie rock.  He refers to his style as Future Funk” Very unique and versitile performer with an awesome light show.  Thumper has been entertaining in sl since the dark ages but this was my first chance to hear him and I am so happy I did.  I can’t find an upcoming show for him but when I do I will post it as he is defintely worth  a listen.

Tonight my first stop was at Coyote Ugly to hear Chapman Zane “Chap’s songs of family and love mixed with traditional melodies of the mountains take you back to a simpler time in life. His melodic claw-hammer and flailing style of banjo will capture your heart.”  I can’t get enough of this fabulous singer/songwriter and his amazing picking.  Make a date with Chap at Encad 15/03 6pm slt, and enjoy and hour of awesome.

Last stop this evening was Pranksters, one of the most fun venue’s in SL. Mason Thorne is in a world of his own and makes every song unique” was warming up with a new intro and fresh back from a 10 day vacation. It was good to see my buddy on stage. I’ve missed his craziness and his masonized covers.  Everyone needs to have a bit of Mason in their SL so head to B&Q 15/03 at 12 noon slt and inhale the insanity.

Only three more days left for Fashion for Life. Please take time to view the awesome work that’s been put into this event and to show your support to this worthy cause by purchasing something if your able. All landing points can be found here.

Important Notice I’ve had several notices from the owners of groups I’m in regarding a problem in SL I’d like to make everyone aware of. Phising Scams are on the rise again in SL. “There has been an increase in Phishing attempts in the last couple weeks and a lot of people have fallen for them and lost their Second Life Accounts.Phishing in SL is mainly the act of tricking a user into giving their login and password information through fake yet convincing Second Life login webpages.”  This webpage is a re-post from April 2, 2012, but the information is still relevant. Be informed and be careful.


End of Time … All shows for 15/03 cancelled due to illness of the organizer.


My Charm School picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN – Blue Green  (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair ~Miss C. – Justa_BeachBlonde Available at Stuff in Stock

Dress~ZED ~Abstract Dress, Red Mesh  (Store also on Marketplace)

Boots ~ZED~Soft Leather Mesh  (Store also on Marketplace)

Necklace ~ZED~ Dragonfly red/black  (Store also on Marketplace)

Props ~  CBF ~School supplies kit for Breedable Shoes

Poses ~ Diesel Works – Alex  Available at COLLAB88

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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