Sparklye with Bryce…


Special treat tonight and something different for me. Sparklye is doing men’s skins now and wow look at this fella. Are you drooling girls? Guys if you want a good looking Avi with a great skin and shape you want Bryce. Bryce is available at the Skin Fair 2013 and includes 5 skins, (clean shaven, beard, goatee, mustache, stubble) in many skin tones, a shape, reg and short hair base and style card.  Bryce is also available in a Micro Skin. WOW .. great skin package and Sparklye is priced for those who want a nice skin but can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of Linden. Sparklye is in sim 2

Skin Fair 2013 is being held on 2 sims until the 31st with over 80 designers participating. There is a 50 script limit, I’d advise stripping down before you go so you aren’t disappointed when denied entrance. Sim1 Sim2.

If you join the group you will find many demo’s in notices you can try at home before heading over to the fair. group: http://http//

Dropped into The Buddy Walk Music Event this evening and caught a few good shows. Noma Falta ” A classical violinist playing in a symphony from the age of 7, Noma decided singing was her love and went on the road at the age of 16 singing in coffee shops (pre- Starbuck’s!) and through out the years gracing large auditoriums opening for acts such as Edgar Winter, Leon Russell,Nazareth, The Producers, and many others.” was playing when I arrived. Always a favorite of mine and never, ever disappoints. It was a packed venue and all enjoying  Noma’s fabulous style of  blues and rock,  jazz and soul, you name it she probably sings it, and well!  Get yourself some Noma at Sweet Whispers 22/03 7pm slt.

Ending the evening was Donn DeVore  aka Edward Kyomoon “Starting at the age of 16, Donn began performing live for audiences then went on to play guitar & keyboards in several local rock bands in the early 90’s. As a songwriter and composer, Donn performs originals that have become “favorites” within his group. He also performs rock music & love songs ranging from the 60’s to the present, covering bands & artists such as: The Doors, Blue October, Snow Patrol, and Nine Inch Nails. Add to this, Donn is a consummate performer of Pink.”  Very talented individual with a big SL following. Donn has been performing in SL since November 2007.  Awesome originals along with personalized covers, this is one to see. Catch Donn at DNA 22/03 7pm slt.

Both the above performers donated their time and talents to The SL Buddy Walk I’ve been blogging about. “In the real world the Buddy Walk is a one-mile walk raising awareness and collecting pledges to benefit Down Syndrome. In Second Life it will be a bit different, there will be a path to walk, but the main festivities will be the all day entertainment on the 21st and then a 2-week charity fair. There will be live musicians and live DJs throughout the event. Kiosks will be available throughout the region where donations will be collected and all will go directly to NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society). “Complete details and updates can be found HERE.

The SL Buddy Walk Event will be ongoing until March 31st. There is a really good shopping area for the  charity fair. There are fashions, poses, furniture, skin, hair and jewelry designers that are donating their sales to the walk for specifically marked items.

Popped into Sherie’s Gaslight  for a few minutes to hear Spike Luckstone. Spike has a pretty eclectic variety of styles to him including Country, Rock and Blues and Jazz and has been playing for a long while now so you simply know you want to swing to their grooves!  Give this man a guitar and he will amaze the masses. Give this man a song and he will play it. Amazing is all I can say.  Don’t’ believe me? find out for yourself at B&B’s 24/03 1am slt.


22 March End of Time presents:
11pm Jon Gourdou
12pm Brian Narstrom
1pm  KevinMThomas Carpool
2pm Lightnin Lowtide
3pm Lyn Carlberg
4pm Quinton Whitman
5pm Mason Thorne
6pm BartAlan Barbasz


My Sparklye skin picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin and Shape ~Sparklye ~Bryce Caramel Stubble ~ ( includes 5 skins, (clean shaven, beard, goatee, mustache, stubble) in many skin tones, a shape, reg and short hair base and style card)  (Also available in Micro Skin)  Available at Skin Fair 2013

Hair ~Redgrave ~ TYLER -Dark-

Eyes ~IKON ~Kaleido Eyes – Night

Sneakers ~ ZED~ MESH Sneakers ( Store on Marketplace)

Pose ~HISpose~Draped” No. 4 Towel (Group Gift )

Location ~ Dilly Dally’s  Hideaway



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