Friday stripped down…………


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Was feeling au natural today, no makeup, just plain and simple lazy day heading into the weekend.  Friday marked my one year return to sl after being away for some time due to First Life commitments.  Many things changed while I was gone and most for the good as people pushed the boundries to improve and invent. As I reflect back on this past year I can say it was a very good one in both my lives.  In SL, although I kept many old friends I made even more new ones who have enriched my days here and if you are a frequent reader of my blog you will know who many of them are. I am one of those people who do not keep my SL seperate from my FL and almost all my friends are the same way. We embrace our friendships and let them cross over. So here’s to another year ahead in SL full of wonderment, friendship and discovery.

Musically today it was all my usual favourite musicans but I will be on the hunt  this weekend for some  that are new to me.   Speaking of this weekend there is  a few cool things going on.

First off , Saturday is Snail Races at Devon Downs 11am slt BUT something new is happening. It is starting here this week because…………….“This is your Chance!  It’s time to run with the Snails again for a great cause The American Cancer Society. This month were going down the original route with the new detour to the south so we go by the Shelter and the info hub next door to it. Love it when we hit the newbies with a huge migration of snails. Anyway come to the track touch the poster there looks like the one below and get your free Giant Snail Avatar for you to customize were at
oh and drop what you can in the kiosk in front of it. 100 percent of all money collected in SL goes directly to the American Cancer Society.” Sounds like a lot of fun to me so I’m in. I’ll be there to collect my giant snail and see how I can jazz it up.  Hope some of you  join me. Starting point is here

The Spirit LightDance Company will be performing The “New” Four Elements, On March 23rd and 24th at 1 pm SL in their new theatre…  “The Theatre of Light.” I saw a few of their performaces last year and I can tell you this is worth taking the time to see. “Attire is formal. Please keep your scripts under 100 and please arrive early so that you can ‘prime’ your computer. The dance animations used in the show are run behind the curtain. Your video card will pre-read these scripts. This will allow you to see all the animations in synchronization without pause.” Their  productions are very professionally put together with a lot of attention to detail.  “The Spirit Light Dance Company brings to Second Life the melding of masculine and feminine energies, art and technology, movement and music and often dialogue to awaken, tickle and tantalize the human spirit.”   If you can make the show you’ll be pleased you did.


My stripped down  Friday is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~Analog Dog ~rio !~ seashell

Dress ~Gizza~  Henna Fragrant Dress

Necklace ~ Jamman ~love peace world sign

Earrings ~ Jamman ~love peace world sign

Pose and Props ~ Ange. Meadow Box Photo Prop

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ FREE Photo Studios ( many photo area’s all with props available to use free ) New scenes, props and poses added often.



One thought on “Friday stripped down…………

  1. Fun stuff, Daallee.. Glad to be making your acquaintance! It was fun chasing you around the Giant Snail race today! Noting the statement to “please keep scripts under 100” for the Spirit Light Dance show..made me laugh. How about under twenty? Then seventy people might be able to budge an inch; but as long as the dancers were moving I have no doubt it was exceptional. Caryl and her troupe are amazing! Hugs and blessings~ Luna.

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