A snails life isn’t an easy one…………………………………….


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Phew……after an hour of being a Giant Snail today I had to have some serious beach time… exhausting!  Put on this sweet suit from Faddism and sat back and laughed, remembering the race.  I made my RFL donation and obtained one of the free giant snail Relay for Life kits and in seconds was a Giant Snail.  What an experience this was!  I headed to the start line behind many others and waited for the signal to start.  Things got off pretty good, had my snail eye and map up and was cruising down the road behind  the others when all of a sudden I was surrounded by trees, I was off the road! It took me a few minutes to get back into the race and trying to catch up.  Zooming along at the fastest snail pace I could, I tried to look around a bit and bam.. I was in the air and headed towards water. Another set back, but I persevered and got myself out of the water and back in the race. I was feeling pretty proud of myself,  maneuvering through all the twists and turns when I looked to the side to see something that caught my eye and ended up inside a club with people dancing around me. Someone even asked me to dance, then I was told to leave, my Avi was to big and I was ejected!   I almost gave up at this point, but after a few minutes found the race road again and all alone scooted down the tarmac. I finally ended up at the finish but to be honest I think I was tp’d, BUT  I was at the finish line!  Snail racing is NOT easy. It takes skill, a steady hand, stable pc, good connection and  the ability to actually maneuver in SL.  I should have known  I would have difficulty. I have been known to drive, buses, motorcycles, go carts and  bikes  into water, mountains and houses  in SL. All in all it was a blast!  Kudos to the snail racers who do this every Saturday.  I’ve been told there may be another open race like today in the  future and I will  give notice as soon as I know.  If your looking for something different and fun to do in SL  the Snail Races are a blast! Next Saturday will be Little Snails doing an Easter Race but I don’t know the location yet. I will however post it as soon as I know. Check out some of my journey here.  It was not easy to race and take pictures.

Later in the afternoon I attended the The Spirit Light Dance Company’s performance of The “New” Four Elements. Excellent stage production and well attended with over 70 Avi’s at one point. Colourful sets, great music, awesome choreography, costumes.  I did mange to take some pictures but it did not do it  justice.If you drop by their sim you can read the bio of each performer and see pictures from all their past shows. There is a subscribo you can join to keep up to date on whats happening with the group.


24 March End of Time presents:
111:00 Suzan Littlething
12:00 Shannon Oherlihy
1:00 Whirligig
2pm Vincent Carpathea
3pm Blane Sonnenkern
4pm Chris Darkstone
5pm Automatic Quandry


My beachy picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~Amacci ~ Sione ~ Swedish Blond

Bodysuit ~ Faddism ~Dangerous Bodysuit (Black) includes Tango and Lush appliers. ( Also a store on MP)

Poses and Props ~  Studio Skye ~Driftwood Beach Den  and  poses from  Y’s A&P ~ I Like My Tree

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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