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Say Hello to Aphrodite, the first Goddess in the Olympian Gods and Goddesses Collection by Egoisme, isn’t she a beauty? Aphrodite comes in a great package loaded with goodies.

As EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: hair are included in each skin pack.

Each package contains 12 skins with 3 eyebrows and a no eyebrow option, cleavage options, 6 pairs of HD eyes, 1 hair tattoo option, 1 teeth option 2 prims addons + 4 different alpha layers and 1 Lolas Tango Applier.

The Fat pack contains even more options. Along with all of the above the fat pack contains 12 more skins with cleavage options in Vividtone, 1 eyebrow, 1 shape and 1 Shape Lolas Tango Compatible, 1 tattoo hairbase vividtone and 20 makeups. Vividtone tattoo layer allows you to change the colour of the skin from realistic to fantasy hues in a click so you can further enhance your own individual style. Up to 65000 variations of skin tone.

Drop by Egisome today and see Aphrodite yourself or try a demo from Marketplace.

I made it to The Event- Hollywood fashion show at 10am slt,  lots of beautiful clothing that I drooled over. I was wearing a beautiful gown and jewels by Zed but I will blog them better another day. If your a fashion hound you really want to get yourself over to The Event – Hollywood sim and have a long look around.      Website               Flicker Page

On a sadder note The Source one of SL’s best venues has closed it’s doors. Owner Lord Gar Rau (gargravarr.rau) unfortunately has to focus all his attention on his First Life now and has no time for SL. He will be missed and so will The Source.  I spent many a night there listening to some of the finest musician’s in SL and making new friends.  It really was a fun place to go, staffed with friendly people.  I will miss hearing, Hi Lady Daallee nice to see you again from everyone at The Source.  Hope one day to see you back Gar and perhaps a new venue.

Last night I stayed up to see the Guerrilla Burlesque as it was the last performance for a month and wouldn’t you know it, I crashed and the sim was full and I could not get back in. I was so disappointed, BUT tonight they had a special  show held at Key West in a Guerilla Skybox, I was thrilled!  Kudos to them and their well designed sets. music, amazing costumes and fantastic dances. If you haven’t been yet, clear a Friday night for one, midnight SLT at Idle Rouge. They will be back in May.

Last stop tonight was Whiskey Go Round .“ One of Second Life’s Longest Running Events….. Muscicians and Singers come from across the grid to play for the best crowd in all of Second Life, that’s you …. Each artist performs 3 songs and oh yea —they take a shot of their favorite beverage before each song ….It gets crazy And you can partake tooo…. We have the crazy sploder,ALSO prizes given out every fifteen minutes …. So come and meet some awesome new firends, enjoy some great music and dance the night away…..It’s a very fun atmosphere where you can let loose and go crazyyyyyyyyy Come on over let’s party.” I always enjoy myself there as the musican’s cycle through 3 songs at a time, which keeps things interesting. This evening I heard Grateful Stryker, One summer Oh, Hojo Warf, Jellyjellyjelly Benelli, and Grif Bamaisin.  Good fun tonight as everyone sang their 3 songs. Drop by Whiskey Go Round Saturday nights starting at 8pm slt and be prepared to enjoy some great music.


31 March End of Time presents:
12pm Lovesongs Writer
1pm Swina Allen & Bono
2pm Russell Eponym
3pm Automatic Quandry

a-dividerMy Goodess picture above is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin ~Egoisme ~Evian – Aphrodite Skin – TAN ( Blond brows ) Clevage Two  (also available on Marketplace)

Shape~ My Own

Hair~DeLa ~Mesh Hair “Shell” Blonde 4

Eyes ~Egoisme ~Evian Green Eyes

Lips ~Egoisme ~Evian – Aphrodite  Makeup – Chocolate Gloss

Pose ~ Exposeur ~Sex Kitten FS 5

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway



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