I’m a movie star……………….

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My 15 minutes of fame as an old time movie star in this gorgeous dress and beautiful diamonds by Zed, made exclusively for THE Event- Hollywood. The unique prop I’m using was created for old style glamour and is perfect for photographers, models, weddings or just for those who want a gorgeous area to show off their gorgeous gowns etc. and a new build by Image Essentials. The prop has a texture change that allows you to change various parts of the prop.

This includes :

–   the stairs with 8 different rug styles
–   the walls with 21 different wall textures
–   the railings with 6 different styles
–   and the flowers on the table with 10 different colours.
There are 10 custom made poses especially designed to work with this prop.  The pose menu allows you to adjust your position so that your feet are on the ground etc. I LOVE  this prop/poses and will be using it many times!

 I spent and hour at Key West this evening listening to Jackqueline Luik. “Jackqueline has spent time in Nashville as lead vocal in a band. You will experience a show at a professional level. Singing in SL for almost a year now, she performs a mix of artists from all genres, past and present, with focus on jazz, love songs and ballads. She prefers a show over a song and her personality shines through each performance, leaving the audience with a smile and a great time for the hour.  Great collection of  songs done in a warm sweet style with great audience interaction.  A very energetic show with a large crowd. Jackqueline is one to see, and you can see her at Kickin 3/04 8:00 am slt.

Next stop was at The Rafters to hear Barry Kettery (avantgarde.frequency) I’m a musician, singer, composer, producer and recordist from Indiana, USA. My sets take a lot of twists and turns, from contemporary jazz to blues to classic rock to R&B to acoustic pop and all points in between.” Another one of those “sing the phone book” and make it sound awesome musicans. Barry has a huge repertoire and if he doesn’t know the song when you ask him he’ll learn it for you. A very multi-talented musician you don’t’ want to miss. Catch Barry at Scandals 3/04 6pm slt.

Some Wednesday Events:

 Commune Utopia

  Jon Bazar Live, Wed April 3rd noon SLT to 1pm SLT .  Come spend and hour at Commune Utopia, dance freely in the long grass and feel the virtual breeze and sun on your pixels. Commune Utopia will be having guest musicians every Wenesday at noon.

Rhi’s Poem

7pm Mason Thorne
8pm Twin Ghost
9pm Voodoo Shilton
10pm Stratakat

31 March End of Time presents:

12pm Russell Eponym
1pm Seamore Wildehart
2pm Bluemonk Rau
3pm Rosedrop Rust

Upcoming Events

A few things you don’t wanna miss, so a heads up so you can plan to be there.   April 4  10pm slt  Rhi’s Poem will have a first and possibly only time occurrence of a live duet with PT Beardmore and Stephanniyah Sinatra, singing live, together, in the same room.

All you Deadheads…  this Friday, April 5th 7pm -10:30 slt,  3 1/2 hrs of The Grateful Dead , 7 musicians. More details  Thursday night.

a-dividerMy movie star look is brought to you by the following designers :


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN – Hazel (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair ~MINA Hair – Ainslinn ~ Light Blonde  #6

Gown~ZED ~ Starlette Silver Gown includes  Necklace, Earrings and Bracelet (Store also on Marketplace)

Pose and Props ~ Image Essentials ~Stairs to the Stars

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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