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It’s hump day again woohoo……………  today I felt like something different so I dove into my mess of an inventory and found this cool outfit from D&G Fashions.  It can be worn with or without the Tango appliers and fits both a dress up or dress down occasion. There is also a 50% off sale going on in the store so you might want to hurry and check out some great fashions at ridiculous prices. Seems the Dragon at Image Essentials lFemale Prop Studio, liked my outfit as he had me in his grasp while I waited for my prince to arrive and save me.

I logged in this afternoon and got ready to go Woodstock Wednesday at Commune Utopia. “You will not find better friends anywhere in sl – freethinking, intelligent and fun people who are extremely loyal to the Commune and the beautiful way of life here. We’re not like other places – everyone here has the chance to create their own events, send their own notices, rezz their things and use the Commune the way they want. In return, we have a wonderful variety of events as people share their talents – be it in art, music, literature, dressing up ideas, silly games, sensual encouragement of the shy.”  I was there for Jon Bazar’s show but had a good look around the Commune and was really impressed.  If you have the time I suggest stopping by and  have a look, my bet is you’ll become a member. There will be a live performance every Woodstock Wednesday at noon slt, hosted by Owl (owl.dragonash) so you can be sure  it will be GOOD!  Here’s your Taxi.

As for Jon Bazar’s show, He says “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.” fabulous as he always is. Live and acoustic, streaming from Pennsilyania USA. Jon is truly a unique, fun and talented performer not to me missed. Jon has the ability to take your favourite song, put his own twist on it and make you like it better than the original. If you’ve never heard Jon what are you waiting for? Meet me at B&Q Dance Club 04/04 2pm slt,  for an hour of Bazar.

This evening I headed to Rhi’s Poem for my good friend Mason Thorne’s show. “Mason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well”  Yes, the one and only slightly insane surfer dude streaming live and acoustic from sunny California.  Mason is another truly unique performer who not only sings covers that are completely revamped in his own quirky style but his shows are peppered with jokes, stories and bit’s of advice about life.  (  You might wanna take the advice with a grain of salt though! ) You can find Mason every Thursday night at Merry Pranksters 8pm slt. Meet me there for an hour of Masonized craziness.

Following Mason was TwinGhost (twinghost.ronas).“With distinctly powerful original compositions and a choice collection of eclectic covers. TwinGhost delivers a performance so powerful and soulful that you can feel the message he’s delivering in every note he sings.” Wonderful performer with a not to be missed selection of awesome originals and excellent covers.  Warm, stunning voiced  hour of goodness here.  A  performer you will want to see more than once or twice. See Twin Ghost yourself at Key West 05/04, 7pm slt.

My last stop was at Good Vibe Acoustic to spend some time listening to Reggie Sunset (reggiesunset.rookswood)“An accomplished acoustic guitarist, Singer/Songwriter ReggieSunset croons, soothes, excites and delights. His voice and finger-picking style are clean, crisp and resonant.” I haven’t heard Reggie in awhile and was so happy to see he was playing. Listening to Reggie is like snuggling up with someone you love and feeling like all is right in your life.  Mellow, soft, warm, gooey, Reggie leaves you feeling so good you don’t want him to ever stop. Reggie will be back at Good Vibe Acoustic 10/04 8pm slt.


Some Thursday Events

Anrod’s Art Garden will be hosting and hour of music by Cassi Ansar April 4, 3pm slt. While there make sure to look around at all the wonderful artworks by Anrod Mead. You will be stunned  by them. Anrod is a very talented visual artist and I am sure you will enjoy his work along with the enchanting music of Cassi.

Lavendar Fields, Feed a Smile has hit 10 million meals bought for children in Keyna. For each 100 Linden donated a meal is bought.  Artists donate their time and tips to this cause and obviously SL citizens and performers have been very generous.  As I’ve often said, we are a wonderful community of caring people here in SL.

Thursdays line up of artists at Lavender Fields, donating time and tips to Feed a Smile are :
3pm XaraFiasco (xarateransula)
Open Mic from 4-6 .. anyone wanting to donate some performance time please contact  Jinx (february.jinx)  Don’t make me get up and sing…  it might be the end of SL if I break everyone’s ear drums!
6pm DennyMac (aramanca)

Miss your SL musicans when you can’t be inworld? Did you know you can hear your favourite SL artists even when your not there? Check out IndieSpectrum Radio on the web. So much good music there all by SL artists. If your favourite isn’t included, ask them why not and get them to send in their music.  Now you can hear your favourites anywhere you have an internet connection.


My hump day  picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN – Hazel (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair ~ Nikki ~ Michelle

Outfit ~ D&G La Luna ~  can be worn with or without Tango appliers. ( Store also on Marketplace)

Props and Poses ~Virtual Props~ Khaleesi Photography Pose Prop ~Dragon Emblem

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ Female Prop Studio ( FREE Photo Studios ..many photo area’s all with props available to use free…New scenes, props and poses added often)



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