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house of torn1

Today I was looking around for a nice classy outfit for the art/music event at Anrod’s Art Garden and found the perfect outfit from House of Torn.   I love the bright colours all three of them, really makes me feel like winter is finally over.  These outfits are part of House of Torn’s new line, so if your looking for some classy clothes head over and have a look around.

Was a beautiful day in my First Life, cool but so sunny I spent a lot of time out soaking it up but I did pop in and out of SL to catch a few shows.

The Cavern was in party mode when I stopped in to hear Blindboy Gumbo “Northern Englishman Blindboy Gumbo is a songwriter who blends an urban mix of slide guitar and Rock, with a hint of Alternative Country into an exciting spicy gumbo within an acoustic setting that is both familiar and inviting. This Geordie knows how to use classic inspirations, to fuel a new generation of tunes to leave you with eargasms.”  Great sound, very unique mixture of styles all rolled into one hour of great music. Blindboy has a great sense of humour  making him even more likable.Tip him and you’ll get a copy of his stepbrother, a hilarious animated hedgehog who does strange things.  A long time SL performer that is definitely worth taking the time to see. Unfortunately I  couldn’t find an upcoming show for him but you can learn more about Blindboy here.

Back in SL later in the afternoon to attend the opening of Anrod’s Art Garden and hear Cassi Ansar sing. Anrod’s art is amazing, colourful and thought provoking. Some are very stimulating, while others calm you. I did take pictures but I was having connection issues and the pictures did not turn out well, so you’ll have to tp over yourself and have a look.

Cassi Ansar a new comer to the SL music scene.  A sweet lass from Scotland with a crystal clear voice that puts a big smile on your face. Amazing covers from, Dylan and Baez to modern day artists like Bright eyes and Radiohead.  The only upcoming show I could find for Cassi  is  27/04 at Respect Yourself 3pm slt.

I also popped into Feed a Smile at Lavender Fields and caught tha last half of DennyMac (aramanca) ” After years in rock bands he has returned to his first love, acoustic fingerstyle guitar. His amazing skill and deep soulful voice will leave you wanting more. Heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, Peter Paul and Mary, Kingston Trio, James Taylor, the Beatles and of course Paul Simon, Larry Carleton, Richie Havens and many others, he plays your favorite covers as well as moving originals.”Fabulous performer with a golden voice that does justice to covers. Denny has some very hilarious originals you’ll want to hear. Catch his show at Under the Willows 05/04 6pm slt.

Ended my evening at Rhi’s Poem where PT Beardmore and Stephanniyah Sinatra where streaming live from the same room for the first time. Rhi’s was packed as the two put on an amazing performance. Unfortunately I can’t  give you their next performances as search seems to not be working  at the moment, but you can easily have a look yourself once it’s back up.

Friday April 5th Events

Ok you Deadheads it’s here, the 3 1/2 hr  Dead show at Sunshine Daydream . Grab the taxi and come have a listen to the following musicans doing their best  half hour of  ALL Dead songs.

Sunshine Daydream presents:

7:00 Kitzie Lane
7:30  Yamis Jewel
8:00  Jon Bazar
8:30 Joe Paravane
9:00  Grateful Strykker
9:30  Mojo Wharf
10:00 Mason Thorne

 End of Time presents:
111:00Jon Gourdou
12:00 Nikita Lumet
1:00 KevinThomas Carpool
2pm Lightnin Lowtide
3pm Reallymad Morpork


My classy outfit  picture is by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ Redgrave ~Eyes Hollywood Blue (Swag bag at The Event – Hollywood)

Eyelashes ~ Redgrave ~41- Hollywood (Swag bag at The Event – Hollywood)

Makeup ~ Egoisme ~Evian – Aphrodite  Makeup – Peach Gloss  and Evian – Aphrodite Skin Makeup – Eyeshadow PeachV2

Hair ~Nikki – Luna

Blouse and Belt ~{TD}Herrera-Blue  (also available in red and green)

Pants~{TD}Carolina Pants-Blue  (also available in red and green)

Shoes ~STG ~Nude Bow and Spikes

Earrings ~ DBL ~Ms. Hepburn Earring (Swag bag at The Event – Hollywood)

Ring ~P.C; Water Over Wine Ring

Poses ~Poise~Charisma 5 & 6 ( free at Pose Fair)

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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