Lazy Saturdays………………………


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It definitely was a lazy Saturday, slept in late, hung around in my sweet mesh jammies by Plowwies. Look at those cool slippers and what you can’t see is that the eyes blink. As I said, was a lazy day in both  worlds and I  wasn’t out and about much till later this evening.

I looked around for some music new to me and saw that Acoustic Cave had Cleodora Lorelei (cleodoralorelei) “Using life’s struggles as her inspiration, her songwriting is a diary of her journey and a way to center herself. She enjoys an eclectic assortment of music and embraces anything that stirs emotion.” who I’d never heard before so off I went for a listen. Singing live along with her acoustic guitar Cleo performed some great covers and some very thought provoking originals. Sweet and young but with the passion of someone much older, Cleo is definitely one to hear. Check her out at Kickin 07/04 3pm slt.

Next stop was at Bones House of Blues to hear bFlat Unplugged “Blues/Rock/Jazz singer back LIVE in SL!!” in his return to SL show. Superb blues done the way they should be, smokey, growly and deep enough to feel it in your toes. bFlat has been away from entertaining in SL but has returned and will be at  Bones House of Blues every Saturday night at  7pm slt for the month of April. If you love the blues you really want to hear this man.

 I stuck around at Bones House of Blues and was rewarded with an awesome dual stream by Pmann Sands “Music is my Life” & Bones Writer “Musician, Composer and Romantic”  Another fabulous hour of music. Streaming 3000 miles apart they played an acoustic and electric set along with keyboard to a very packed venue. Great stuff here every Saturday night at 8pm slt.   Your going to want to check this out.

Bones House of Blues is located at  TRAX Live Music Resource Center, which is owned by Bones Writer. There are over 100 listening booths of some of the finest artists in SL there. So go have a listen and find someone you haven’t heard before and enjoy.

Some Sunday April 7th Events:

 End of Time

12pm Whirligig
1pm Vincent Carpathea
2pm Blane Sonnenkern
3pm  Rock Doghouse

 Feed a Smile

2pm Virtual Live Band

Harry’s House ( a Feed a Smile Event)

10am Max Kleene
11an Sonix ( Marky Helstein’s FL  band)
12pm DJ Tasty (with more Dj’s to follow)


My lazy Saturday picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ Redgrave ~Eyes Hollywood Blue (Swag bag at The Event – Hollywood)

Hair ~ Nikki~ Song

Pj’s and slippers ~ Plowwies ~Wisteria  ~ Mesh

Necklace ~June Trenkins ~Candy

Ring ~Aimy Rayna ~Watermelon Lollipop Ring

Prop and Poses ~Glitterati~ Bed  [retired]

Location ~ Image Essentials ~ Female Prop Studio ( FREE Photo Studios ..many photo area’s all with props available to use free…New scenes, props and poses added often)



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