Colour me beautiful…….


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I finally found some clothes and got out of my pj’s. This great, multicoloured dress is by Allure and comes in many different colour variations and patterns. All Allure fashions  come with 5 standard sizes and a detailed note card with the measurements to make the clothing and exact fit.  Allure has recently redesigned their store and made it more streamline and easy to navigate.  If you go to the second floor and join the free VIP group you will receive 15 lovely mesh group gifts.  Allure also has a store at The Event Hollywood with some special made clothing along with a free swag bag of goodies.  Lastly, Athayus Quan, owner and designer has started to release mens items which are as awesome and detailed as his women’s clothing. Look for lots of newness coming from Allure in the near  future.

Speaking of The Event Hollywood, if you haven’t been there time is quickly running out.The  event will be over this coming Sunday the 14th of April, so you still have a few days so don’t procrastinate or you’ll miss seeing this wonderful build and all the awesome fashion.

A few Wednesday April 1oth Events

End of Time presents: 12pm Tim Anadyr 1pm  Russell Eponym 2pm Eeco 3pm  Blindboink Parham

Commune Utopia It’s Woodstock Wednesday again at the Commune and this weeks performer is Whirli Placebolive musician/songwriter: 99% original, 1% WTF!  Show starts at 12 noon slt.

I had planned a longer blog tonight but my internet decided I’d been on long enough and  gave itself a  break.


My alluringly beautiful dress picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~Mulholland ~ANGELINA Eyes (Swag bag at The Event – Hollywood)

Hair~=DeLa ~Mesh Hair “Lala” Blonde 5

Dress ~ Allure Open Back Mini Dress (Mesh-Nebula)

Shoes ~ N-core DIVA “Red Passion”

Pose ~Y’s A&P – I Like My Tree F 10

Background ~ Katink~ Italy

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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