It’s all about the Charm…..

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Take a look at those awesome shoes everyone, those are some of the new breedable shoes coming out, fabulous arent they?  That’s Sebastian Viper (sebastian007.viper) in the sharp looking Sebastian Chain/Stud CBF shoes who, along with Bailey Viper (bailey.iridescent) have brought Charmed Breedable Shoes to SL. I’ve been blogging about the shoes for months now and I really am having so much fun playing the shoe game. There is a lot happening at CBF  these days as they move closer to the day all the breeding shoes can be transformed into wearables. I love these CBF – COCO Lace goldblk shoes and don’t they look amazing with my gold and black dress from House of Torn?

CBF is involved in the Fashion Ihunt.  The Fashionable Hunt will run April 13-30, 2013 and there will be a fashion show before the hunt on April 12 to show off the awesome clothes lines/wearables that will be in the hunt. Stay reading in the coming days for more information.

The Relay for Life exculsive sneakers are still available at the CBF Home sim but only until July then they will be forever retired. So here’s your chance to support RElay for Life SL and  get yourself an exclusive pair of cool looking sneakers.

There will be an Auction @ Wheels on Tuesday 16th  5pm SLT. This Auction is to be a Design Image Auction, of shoes that are being used to breed new types of shoes.  If your looking to breed a special colour with bows or roses, chains etc, this is were you can find new images to help you towards your goal. All breeders are welcome to auction off their images.

There is still plenty other events going on with CBF.  The HallyU Event / KPOPFESTIVAL 2013 is coming to SL. The event will be held April 20-27 2013 and is an all day/all week event. there will be performances,rides, car races, hunts, shopping,dancing, car show and many more activities going on.  Charmed Bredable Fashiosn will be there so be sure to stop in and have a look. Here’s your taxi.

The raffle for the Elite package of 24 shoes & Products  has one more week to run. Buy your ticket’s at all CBF  locations. The draw is April 18th so hurry and tp to one of the following locations. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t win. Charmed Breedable Fashions, CBF-@Sassy’s , CBF-@Wheels, CBF-@Xxtreme, CBF @Peaches.

For all you designers who have bred some awesome shoes and would like to start selling your design images CBF has an amazing offfer. Free Kiosk Rentals Buy One Get One Free!!!  Time to clean the closet and get ready for Spring! Visit one of the Charmed Breedable Fashion’s Resale stores and get your sell on. Always room for more Shoes.  Is your designing specialty colors or flair? Who knows what shoe combinations are out there. Go take a look you just might find the shoe you’ve been looking for! Rent One Week 200L Get One Week Free on CBF. No Resale Sachet needed CBF will also Care for your shoes while they are here.

Good until May 1st.  You will need Land rezzing rights at all locations. Please inquire at the individual locations. Also for the duration of this month you may advertise the shoes you have for sale at any of the CBF locations in the Main CBF Group. Limit 3 times a day.

Resale North and South Buildings,    CBF-@Sassy’s,     CBF-@Xxtreme

CBF has recently improved their shoe packs to make them more affordable and cost effective. Drop by and have a look for yourself.

Finally, many have been asking if there will be more Charm Schools with a chance to win a  School package well here you go…………

Xxtreme Oasis Breedables  Saturday 13th  11am SLT

Charmed@Sassy’s Thursday 18th 4pm SLT

Home Sim  Saturday 20th 2pm SLT

Wow so much going on and so many ways to get into the Breedable Shoe Game. If your not in it, why not? It definelty is fun and  lets you be  your own designer.


My Charmed picture is brought to you by the following designers:



Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair ~DeLa~ Mesh Hair “Vanessa” Blonde 4

Dress ~ TD~Tara-Gold ~  Available in 5  colours. And added plus TD offers extra sizes of PlusS and PlusL for  fuller figures.

Shoes ~CBF ~ COCO Lace goldblk


Outfit ~ Hoorenbeek  ~Ralph Outift   ( includes suit, shirt, tie , shoes, several layers)

Shoes ~CBF ~ Sebastian Chain/Stud

Props and Poses ~ One of the CBF shoe storage rooms  (many different styles available)  and AO’s used in poses

Location ~ Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim



2 thoughts on “It’s all about the Charm…..

  1. Loving the write up about the breedable shoes Daallee. Thanks for keeping us posted. I love playing with my shoes also, can’t leave the little loves alone lol

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