Saturdays are meant to be casual…………………….


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Casual Saturday and look at the cool oufit I put together. Just right for searching out good music, playing with breedable shoes and hanging out. Love this musical top from Zenith and it goes perfect with the Bax leggings and cool biker boots from Yasmin.  Love this Mina hair and I bet it’s going to become a favourite.

I was happy I logged into SL this evening earlier than planned as I found out Jukebox Diesel was playing at Rara’s.  Jukebox is an amazing performer from Scotland  who just doesnt play in SL enough. He tends to play a few months then disappear. With a voice  that melts even the coldest heart along with his acoustic guitar. Apparently Mr Diesel is back in SL performing again for a few months so check him out Solelua Beach 16/04 5pm slt.

Spent a really enjoyable evening at Kameleonz, the pub with no beer, but they encourage you to BYOB. I have to tell you that this little venue is filled with some of the nicest and fun people I have met in SL. Stop by some night and say hi to Vinnie Santino and the gang. Bronze 8020 was playing whom I blogged a few days ago, the jokes were flying throughout local chat, someone brought out a keg and  the party mood was high. So, if your looking to smile a lot and even have  good belly laugh, and some good music, check out Kameleonz and bring some booze!

Last stop was at a cool venue called A Venue of Note, a  warehouse with lots of interesting spots to sit, or lay back and enjoy the music even you can dance if your in the mood.  Rara Destiny a sweet singing Aussie playing acoustic guitar live, with a soft voice and infectious laugh. Rara has a great stage presence and a good selection of covers.  I would say she is one to put on your must see list and you can find her at Disparity 18/03/3am slt.

Shoe news…. I sold my first pair of design image shoes today AND made an awesome trade. I know many of you think it’s a bit crazy breeding shoes but unless you’ve tried it you won’t understand. It really takes some thought and  knowledge of RGB to pair up this colour with that or a male with female, etc  and make something different.  I sold a pair of men’s Seb shoes with a high flair and nice colour and traded a pair of cool colour zebra Serena’s for and awesome Celine with pastel colours and laces that my friend Zappy Wingtips designed and bred.  Now for all of you who think I’ve lost my mind and have no clue what I’m talking about, then why don’t you check out Charmed Breedable Fashions.  There is a raffle for shoes going on 100L a ticket for a chance to win an Elite package of 24 shoes & Products which has one more week to run. Buy your ticket’s at all CBF  locations. The draw is April 18th so hurry and tp to one of the following locations. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t win. Charmed Breedable Fashions, CBF-@Sassy’s , CBF-@Wheels, CBF-@Xxtreme, CBF @Peaches.  There are many different packages you can buy so pop over to one of the locations and see what’s on offer.

Some Sunday Events:

End of Time
11pm Mimi Carpenter
12pm Lovesongs Writer
1pm Scofi Robson
2pm Vincent Carpathea
3pm Chapman Zane

The final day of the RFL Art Faire and Auction @ Ce Soir,  the following performers will be on stage:

5pm TerryToon
6pm Johnny Paramour
7pm Voodoo Shilton

The Event Hollywood LAST DAY to go so it you want to see this awesome build and buy some incredible exclusive fashions, you better hurry. Event ends Sunday April 14 2013. Here’s your limo.a-dividerMy casual day Saturday picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN – Green (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair ~ MINA Hair – Elfje – LB06

Sweater ~ Zenith ~White Note symbol Off Shoulder

Leggings ~ BAX Ornament Leggings Bands long low waist

Boots ~Yasum ~ Biker Boot

Necklace andEarrings ~ glow ~ studio BOOM (goldII)   Available at Collabo88

Poses and Prop ~ Tea soup Female Guitar

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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