Beautiful day for a walk……..


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Was a beautiful day for a walk in both worlds. Sadly in First Life the terrible event that unraveled in Boston will forever leave a bad memory on this date for many. For my American friends I am sad, and for humanity I am in despair and wonder how people could have so much hate in themselves to be able to perform such a ruthless act. Is there a way to end all the hatred? A question that has wound it’s way through the centuries and the more “civilized” we become the more this question seems to be further from an answer.  Hug your friends and families everyday, it’s the best part of any life.

This evening I heard an amazing performer at Key WestDexter Moore (Dexter Ihnen). Dexter has been away from performing in SL but has now returned and is definitely someone you want to hear. Amazing voice, playing live guitar accompanied by backing tracks he has made himself.  Excellent selection of original material.   Hear Dexter yourself at Zenziba 19/04 10pm slt.

A reminder all you people interested in the breedable shoe game. The raffle for the Elite package of 24 shoes & Products has  two more days to run.. Buy your ticket’s at all CBF locations. The draw is April 18th so hurry and tp to one of the following locations. If you don’t have a ticket you can’t win. Charmed Breedable Fashions, CBF-@Sassy’s , CBF-@Wheels, CBF-@Xxtreme, CBF @Peaches.

There will be another  Charm School session Thursday 18th 4pm slt.  Here’s your taxi.   Come hear all the workings of this fun game and you might be that lucky person who receives that treasured glass cradle when breeding your shoes. If you receive that  particular cradle you will get a real life pair of designer shoes valued at $300-$500 USD.

Charmed Breedable Fashions is having a design image Auction April 16th 5pm slt.  There are some great colours and great flair available so grab your taxi and go get some WOW for your breedables.

Second Life is coming up on it’s 10th Anniversary and plans are being made for a big celebration. It’s that time of year when we celebrate the anniversary of Second Life – and this year, the tenth anniversary of the founding of Second Life, will be very special. The theme of the event will be: Looking Forward, Looking Back. This year we will have 20 sims for builds and stages and fun and freebies, and we invite you to be part of the festivities!If you are interested in volunteering, performing, putting on a media event,  anything you have to offer, check out the following website.

End of Time
12pm Paradorn Ansar
1pm RonnieMayes
2pm JoAnn Diavolo
3pm Phoe Nix J


My  blog pic is brought to you by the following designers:


Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN ~ Silver  (Store also on Marketplace)

Lipstick ~ZED ~ Natural red lips (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair ~CaTwA ~ Katniss V2 Roots/AshBlonde  (Store also on Marketplace)

Blouse ~ Sn@tch Plain Blouse ~White ( also comes with a mini skirt in 8 colours) (Store also on Marketplace)

Skirt~ Sn@tch Kim Maxi Skirt  ~ Purple ~ Mesh  ( comes with 8 colours)  (Store also on Marketplace)

Boots ~ Ducknipple ~ Mesh: Thena Boots  ( comes with 14 colour change hud ~ 14 colours) (Store also on Marketplace)

Bracelet ~ BoHo HoBo ~PiCHI ( Free bracelet vendor)

Belt ~BoHo HoBo wide purple belt

Hat ~BoHo HoBo ~ Big Floppy ~ (with texture menu)

Necklace ~ Phoebe ~ Woman Necklace ~ Natasha ~ (chest)

Poses ~ [E3D]~Diorama – Toss Away

Location~ Skye ~The river Bank



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