10,000 reads and 10,000 shoes……..

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WOOHOO, I’ve hit 10,000 reads 🙂 Thank you, to all my readers and also for all the congratulation messages I received. I really am enjoying blogging and I seriously thought I would just play around for a few months then find another interest, but it’s stuck.

I not only had all those reads BUT, I was also surrounded by what seemed like 10,000 shoes today. Bailey Viper (bailey.iridescent) Co-owner of Charmed Breedable Fashions and I were checking out the design image resell area when we were attacked by shoes! I was in shock and just stood there staring at the shoes while Bailey protected her pretty face with her hands. It was like a dream, so many awesome shoes coming at us and then trying to figure out which ones to take first! Seriously, there are so many different shoes available to breed at CBF you defintely can make one of a kind designs of your own to wear or sell. There are female, male, children and unisex , your only limited by your imagination. Plus, there is still the glass cradle everyone has the ability to breed. If you get one you will recieve a $300-$500 USD certificate for a pair of FL designer shoes.  How can you get into the breedable shoe game? Well, there are lots of  ways  available. First off you can simply go to CBF and purchase one of the many all inclusive packages available.

Another way is to buy a ticket for an exclusive 24 pair all inclusive package in the CFB raffle which ends today April 18th. Tickets can be bought at the following locations:  Charmed Breedable Fashions, CBF-@Sassy’s , CBF-@Wheels, CBF-@Xxtreme, CBF @Peaches.

There is also a Charm School Class Thursday 18th, 4pm slt.  Free Shoes and supplies will be given out.  Here’s your taxi.  If you can’t make Thursdays class there will be another Saturday 20th 2pm SLT, and here is another Taxi.

Today at Commune Utopia Hayduke Schnook showed up for his noon hour gig for Woodstock Wednesday. You never know if Duke will be there because if the fishing is good in First Life he’s likely to forget about anything else and not show. An great hour of music from Duke, live and acoustic and interwoven with fishing stories and his wacky life’s adventures. A full on anything goes, is what you get when your at one of his shows. Duke will be back at the Commune sometime next month so if you want an entertaining hour, in a great setting, keep your eyes open for a Hayduke show notice.

This evening I took in a few late shows. Kameleonz, that really fun venue I blogged about a few days ago, had Satch (joesatriani.feden) in their line up tonight.”If you’re looking for a mix of Blues, Rock ballads, and 80’s style rock, guitar licks with style adn emotion, JoeSatriani Feden is your man! He improvises everything he plays in place on the song, by the way of using backing tracks which he creates totally improvised. He performs his own melodies, switching up the track to reflect his mood that day, arranging it as he feels each time.” Great soundfabulous guitar with his home made tracks and good song selections.   Satch is one to be heard and you can at Palazzo 24/04/8pm slt.

Rhi’s Poem welcomed a new SL performer this evening, Alexia Grace(iliketehwaffle). Playing live and acoustic Alexia played her first ever gig in SL. Sweet voiced with a great selection of original music.  I predict Alexia will become a favourite in SL quickly. There are no scheduled performances at this time but keep your eyes open for her name in events as Alexia is one you defintely want to hear perform.

There will no longer be performances at End of Time on Thursdays or evenings for awhile. There however will be great music on their stage daily all the other days of the week.

Feed a Smile                   http://feed-a-smile.blogspot.de/     
12:00 Chelsea M. Noel
1:00 Jean Munro
2pm Scofi Robson


The 10,000’s blog  picture is brought to you by the following  designers:



Shape ~ My Own

Eyes ~ IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Summer

Hair~ TRUTH ~Teddy w/Roots – champagne   (Store also on Marketplace)

Blouse  ~ZED~ Luvs me not, White  (Store also on Marketplace)

Jeans~ ZED~Skull & Stars, Gold  (Store also onMarketplace)

Shoes ~CBF – LOVELY Charms ~Silver


Blouse  ~ZED~ Luvs me not, Black  (Store also on Marketplace)

Jeans~ ZED~Cheetah, Copper  (Store also onMarketplace)

Shoes ~CBF -Janne ~  Brown

Poses ~[E3D]~Diorama~ Lookout and Nail biter

Location ~ Charmed Breedable Fashions Resale Shop




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