Pickin Party Sunday……


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Feeling in a dark mood today…. clothing wise, but still loving this outfit. In my Anna skin by Sparklye this corset and shorts from Zed look so trendy. I’m loving the boots from Ducknipple with the hud that lets me have 14  different colours. League makes these awesome garter stockings to pull it all together.  Catwa hair gives me that wild girl look and the jewlery from MiWardrobe is so cool.

Not a lot of SL for me today but Sunday night is Pickin Party at The Merry Prankster’s Sunset Stage at Sugar Mountain and is always a blast.  Good music and great people.  Tonight there was a lot of awesome talent on stage and one of the best nights I’ve had at  Pranksters. Hours of great music by the following performers : EricSteffensen Mistwalker, BartAlan Barbasz, Lacey Lohner, Lugg Lohner,Chip Takacs, Gypsy Quixote,Lillie Woodells,Veronica Weksler,Bono Fouroux , Steveeolio,Greg (gregellistoronto)and Grif Bamaisin

If your looking for something interesting to do in SL  why not check out the Fantasy Faire 2013. It runs April 20 -28th on 10 amazing sims  full of  fun and interesting things to do at every corner.  If your into RP there are some fabulous areas for that and good shopping,live music and so much more. Take one of the tp’s and check it out and see what all the  hype is about. Fairelands Junctions / Crimson Fields / Evensong Woods / Lotus Valley Dream Lumenaria / Magnificat / Ravenshard / The DragonSpire / Titans Hollow   This is also a Relay for Life Event.

Another awesome place to go in SL is The Mad Pea’s, Lost Treasure of the Inca Warrior. This is an very interactive game and so much fun. I have barely started it and can hardly wait to get back to it. You need to purchase a hud to help you  in your journey across the whole grid in search of 15 prizes. This game is quite challenging but with careful thought and time spent  you’ll begin to figure it all out. “MadPea Cartographers have deciphered the cryptic treasure map for you.  This will not be an easy task, but if you survive and unlock the ancient Incan vault, you will be generously rewarded. Ready for a Treasure Hunt of a lifetime!?”   Here is your starting point.

End of Time
12pm Jon Bazar
1pm Frogg Marlowe
2pm Russell Eponym
3pm WashedUp Sideways


My trendy dark outfit picture is brought to you by the following designers.

Skin and Shape ~Sparklye ~ Anna Pink ( comes with 2 skins, a shape, 3 cleavage layers, Tango and Lush skin appliers along with a style card) ~ Available at SYSP

Eyes ~ZED ~Eyes for WOMEN ~ Silver (Store also on Marketplace)

Hair~ CaTwA ~Emma/Champagne (Store also on Marketplace)

Corset ~ZED ~Leather & Lace (mesh corset  and black lace panties) (Store also onMarketplace)

Shorts ~ ZED ~ Laters Baby Shorts (Store also on Marketplace)

Stockings ~ League~ Side-Gartered Stockings -Bramble -Black Garter  (Store also on Marketplace)

Boots ~ Ducknipple ~ Mesh: Rambo Boots  ( 14 colour hud) (Store also on Marketplace)

Jewlery ~MiWardrobe – The Unique Rosary – Bracelet, Necklace and Earrings (Store also on Marketplace)

Pose ~ E.ink ~ fivefree poses (Store also on Marketplace)

Location ~ The Junkyard -The Trash of the Dead Civilization in the Wastelands  ~  Very cool place to explore and take pictures.



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