Classy not trashy….                                                                             


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Now this is what I call a classy outfit. With this fabulous jewelry from Artistry by E this simple pant and top outfit from Egoisme is ready for just about anything. The beautiful side swept hair from Elikatira  pulls the whole thing together.

I spent the evening at Rhi’s Poem Monday night where the lineup was awesome. Starting off was TerryLynn Melody ” Her live shows span folk, country, rock and blues, performing both her originals songs as well as an eclectic mix of covers from many genre’s and era’s. A truly versatile performer who chooses her material based on a deep connection to the lyrical content.” accompanied by Phillip Moura.“I’m Phillip, I’m a musician since I was 3 years old. I play flute, drums, guitar  and I also sing.” What a great duet that was, Terrylynne’s beautiful voice with that ethereal flute of  Phillips, just amazing, especially when they performed Leonard Cohen songs.  I hope to hear this  duo perform again soon. It truly was beautiful. You can see Terrylynne alone 04/05 13 @ G-spot 3pm slt. Phillip plays every Friday4pm slt at Jades Jazz.
Next to  the stage was newcomer, Alexia Grace(iliketehwaffle), ” has been playing the guitar for about fours years now. She has been doing vocals since the age of 6. She dives into the scene of indie/folk music, putting her own little edge to it.” Alexia is very new to performing in SLso far has only played at Rhi’s, but will soon be taking that jump to various stages around the grid.  Acoustic sweetness is what comes  from this performer and one I predict will  become a favourite in the SL music scene. No upcoming shows posted at this time.
Last was Jon Bazar, ““He says “music soothes like medicine, I use it to cope and survive.” He is open to all music but his passion lies in the acoustic sound.”, what a way to end the evening. Song after song, Jon has you smiling and singing along as he envelopes you into the Bazar experience. A truly unique talent, this is one performer you really want to see. Catch Jon at Guthries, 03/05/12 7am slt.

Changes coming to Rhi’s Poem starting in May.  They will now be open on Sunday, Tuesday and alternating Friday and Saturday. There will be an exception the weekend of May 11-12 as Rhi’s is co-hosting RFL Originals Weekend. More on that closer to the event.

It’s Woodstock Wednesday again tomorrow May 1st, 2013 and Host Owl Dragonash is bringing another amazing performer to the commune.  Tp over to Commune Utopia at  12 noon slt for an hour of  Oblee (obeloinkment.wrigglesworth). Oblee will be performing using a technique known as “Live Looping.”  Looping is the art of recording one’s self and layering over top of that instant recording.  It is done 100% live and with an array of instruments.  Add the ability to loop in 4 separate channels and you’ve got a sonic juggling act the likes of which you’ve never seen!  This technique is used with both original songs and unique versions of your favorite covers!  This is a performance not to be missed.  Note… Commune Utopia has moved so please use this new LM.

A place of interest that was given to me to check out and is worth seeing is ……….

*** ASCENSION ***  LEA art project SIM by Mantis Oh          “Acscend yourself, and who know’s what will follow?”

This is a really cool place to go. “This is a Linden endowed sound & art SIM installation by Mantis Oh (RL: Cari Lekebusch). Enter the Ascension tower (ground level) and explore the 7 ascending levels. It is vital for SIM experience that you have a minimum of 96 meters draw distance. Sounds should be turned up maximum in the volume control settings. SIM also features glow, light, shine, scripted creatures, animated textures, particles and interactive sound effects. “
The senses are fully enveloped here so expect to be mesmerized and make sure you have lots of time to really explore. If you look hard you might even find some of the hidden areas.  Here is your  taxi.

Last but not least  Men… The Men Only Hunt 3 (MOH3) has begun!! Hunt runs from May 1st –  May 31st  This years theme is Rock ‘N’ Roll Guys  you looking for a new skin or shape? Want to try out  mesh or something different? Well here is your  opportunity and it won’t cost you anything but time. Get all the links and hints here.

End of Time
12pm Russell Eponym
1pm Frogg Marlowe
2pmBluemonk Rau
3pmRosedrop Rust


My blog pic is brought to you by the following designers:

(My main skin and shape and eyes always used unless otherwise noted)

Hair ~ Elikatira ~ Indulge – Blonde 09
Blouse ~Egoisme ~ Satins & Silks – Peaches & Creme Orange  (more colours available) (Marketplace Store)
Pants ~Egoisme ~Satins & Silks Pant – Silver  High Heels   (comes with flat or heel choice)   (more colours available) (Marketplace Store)
Jewlery ~Artistry by E
Poses ~oOo Studio ~ Sexpot ( Group gift)   ( Marketplace Store)
Background~Katink ~ Italy
Location ~ My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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