Girls who chat…………….


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My best friend Owl Dragonash and I hanging about chatting and solving all of both our worlds problems in our sexy lingerie from Zed. We even went to the same hairdresser today and these Wasabi Pills stylish hairdo’s look great on us.

From time to time in my blog I introduce people in my SL and Owl I’ve mentioned many times and I thought it was about time I introduced my absolute best friend. I trust this woman with my inventory, shes the coolest chick I know and I am so happy to have her in my worlds.  Owl’s been around SL since 2007 and has seen and done a lot, shes one of the best travel agents here.

Photography is one of her passions and she wanders the grid finding fabulous places to take her pictures and explore, then tells me or takes me along. I’d say most of the really interesting places I’ve seen in SL have been due to Owl’s travels.

At one time, my Amazon Elf Faun with a touch of human pal, taught herbal classes at the Witchfest Sim and performed healing sessions, but now the professed  hippy chick spends her time taking pictures and enjoying all the great music here in SL. If you’d like to see her awesome photos you can drop by the Gallery at Commune Utopia during the month of May and see her work, or take a stroll through her flicker pages. Every Wednesday at noon slt she hosts a Woodstock event at the Commune Utopia with some of the finest live musicians on the grid. Stop by one Wednesday  and meet a great group of people and enjoy awesome music. Make sure you say hi to Owl she really is an interesting and wonderful person to talk to.

I’m still recovering, so I’m not inworld as much, but I did get to some music events today.  Mason Thorne, “Mason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well” another good friend of mine was at Helle’s Angels giving his best brand of craziness which  keeps everyone laughing and singing along. Mason takes a cover and turns it into something completely different and hilarious. Peppered throughout his show are stories which you can choose to believe or not but one thing is clear though and hour of Mason is an hour of fun. Mason can be seen every Thursday night at The Merry Pranksters 8pm slt.

Oblee (obeloinkment.wrigglesworth), was at Commune Utopia and I caught part of his show.  The commune was packed and the music was awesome as always.  Oblee is a looper and wow the beat was hard and steady, what a way to spend a lunch hour. Looping is the art of recording one’s self and layering over top of that instant recording. It is done 100% live and with an array of instruments. Add the ability to loop in 4 separate channels and you’ve got a sonic juggling act the likes of which you’ve never seen! This technique is used with both original songs and unique versions of your favorite covers! This really is a one of a kind musican so do yourself a favour and check him out . Oblee doesn’t have a regular performance schedule but you can find out more about him here and keep an eye on events  if you want to go to one of his shows.

For all you Charmed Breedable Fashion folks, Thursday May 2nd is Auction day so get your design images entered and for you that aren’t in the shoe game come along and find out what it’s all about.   Pre Auction Party start @ 4-5 .  An 8 pack of shoes to a lucky person to be awarded to an attendee!   I have shoe’s in entered, so come see what I’ve designed! Here’s your taxi.

UP DATE NOTICE:………..Charmed Breedable Fashions is having its Estate name changed from Morlim Estates to Charmed Breedable Fashions. Linden Labs will take over the sim and it will be down for several hours without any notice. They have been advised not to hold any events in the next 24 hours because of this.

The Events of the week will all be scheduled for Sunday the 5th.

10:30am Charm School 11:00am …………………………………………………..D.J. Pre-Auction Party 12:00 Auction


My sexy lingerie picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~Wasabi Pills~Veronica Mesh Hair – Rye  and Red (Marketplace Store)

Lingerie ~ZED ~ Glamour  comes in several colours Green and Grey in picture  (Marketplace Store)

Poses and Props ~Lost Angel~ Dressing Room Chair and  Dressing Room Table (Marketplace Store)

Location – My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio



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