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Just a quick blog tonight to let you know about a few events and to show off this great outfit from Zed that works perfect with this Truth hair.  I was rather busy today and didnt make it around the grid  much. I bet I missed lots of good music.  With the warmer weather and visitors coming I’m not in SL as much.

About the belt by JJ in my picture, the plain version is available only at the Neva Heartsick Fundrasing Event for Amesha Jewell,the creator of Aeva/Heartsick. Her friends and some fellow designers have gotten together to donate time and items in hopes of raising some funds to help her with the purchase of a new computor as her’s has died. Ameha’s SL designs are her source of RL income. Many creators are offering items for sale, with most or all of the proceeds going to benefit Amesha. Also, if you teleport to Amesha’s main store, there is a donation box, where you can donate directly to Amesha´s cause.  Find the Fundraiser here.

It’s Woodstock Wednesday at the Commune Utopia today and Owl has found another good performer for the best Wednesday noon hour on the grid. Bandit Eddingham is a southern boy from Mississippi, inspired by the the like of Hank Williams. Bandit holds an honest belief in that music can bring light to the darkest of times and can truly heal the soul.  Bandit entertains the full hour with pure acoustic talent, laughter and charm only a true southern gent can bring.  You don’t want to miss this performance at Commune Utopia, 12 noon slt, here’s your taxi.

End of Time
12pm Krysania Eramos
1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Eeco
3pm Seamore Wildehart

Charmed Breedable Fashion is looking for help with the redesign of their website from all you Breeders. They are redesigning the CBF Website for better designer experience.  In a Notecard tell them what you want from your CBF website experience.  They are building a Shoe Image gallery to show all the current CBF Shoes you can design, an on-line database to better track shoe lineage, etc. So, if you would like to send your desires for a better CBF website experience, they promise to look at everyone to make it the best possible. Here’s your chance to be more involved with the best shoe game on the Grid. Send your ideas to Sebastian Viper.   Don’t forget the  raffle for the   24 pair Elite Breedable shoe package, tickets can be purchased at the following locations:  Charmed Breedable Fashions, CBF-@Sassy’s.


My quickie blog picture is brought to you be the follwoing designers:

Hair ~TRUTH ~Moxie ~ champagne ( Marketplace Store )

Jacket and Knit top ~ZED~ Crossed Jacket, Red and Knit Top (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ ZED ~Zipped Leggings, Plain Red (Marketplace Store)

Belt ~Jeannies Jewel’s Leather Belt Black Clean Studded ( also available in studded scruffy, and in brown)

Boots ~elikatira ~ Secret Boots  – Black

Poses ~MODEL POSES ~ Alexandra 3 and 6  ( Hunt going on in store 14 fruits to find 3 poses in each for  5L each) ( Marketplace Store)

Location ~ My home Dilly Dally’s Hideaway Photo Studio




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