What are your dreams?

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Dressed in this really cool dress from Sugar & Cyanide, boots from Zed and yet another Truth hair I went to a place called Dreams yesterday. This is a project by Pho Vinternatt which contains an interview and photo exhibition. Placed in a long stark white hall you will meet 15 people with very different dreams. “Our dreams expose us, and opens our wounds and vulnerabilities. We choose our words very carefully when we do speak of them, because they’re frail and precious to us.”  The dreams are quiet interesting to read and as you can see in my picture it prompted me to start writing down my own.  Take a trip to Dreams today I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.

Helles Angels is where you find me most Wednesdays midday to see Jon Bazar and Mason Thorne.

This time of year Jon’s shows are few so of  I always grab a chance to hear him streaming live. Jon’s unique style and one of a kind voice makes each acoustic cover sound like an original. His originals (when he can be coaxed to play one) are thought provoking and sung from deep inside. A RL/SL musician who loves to jam as much as he loves to breathe.  Catch Jon at  Commune Utopia for Woodstock Wednesday 15/05 12 noon slt.

Mason is usually on stage next with his own brand of acoustic covers. He also makes them his own because he changes words and makes them into his own whacky versions. You never quite know what  he might come up with but if your looking for an hour of fun and laughter then you want to see Mason. You’ll most likely see some of the Mason Family at his shows so say hi. Mason will be at  The Merry Prankster’s 09/05 8pm slt.

Thursday May 9th 12pm slt, at Commune Utopia, Owl Dragonash’s amazing and colourful photographs of her SL explorations will begin their display.  Dj Sunshine will be spinning tunes for you while you take a trip through SL with Owl. Grab the rainbow ride to Commune Utopia.

“My Photos are a reflection of what I see in sl, people, places, moments.
I enjoy exploring
I spend a bit of time visiting art builds and beautiful sims that people create.
The creativity found in sl is truly amazing!
Photos are my way of remembering what I see.”

In the past few days as each of us has logged in we were required to read and accept a new TOS from Linden Labs in regards to money exchange. I find it still a bit grey due to some wording but found this blog which seems to shed a bit more light on the topic.

Another item of note is the phishing is again running rampant. In the last week I have seen at least 15 attempts in various  groups I am in to lure people into divulging their login information which allows the perpetrator to steal the SL account. Here is a good blog on the subject. Be careful what you click on in group chats and notices and stay safe.


My trip to Dreams picture is brought to you by the following  designers:

Hair ~TRUTH~ Britney – champagne  ( Marketplace Store(75L Sale ending soon)

Eyes ~IKON Vanity Eyes – Denim  ( May Group Gift) (Marketplace Store)

Makeup ~Egoisme~ Evian – Aphrodite  Makeup  (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Sugar & Cyanide Nadya Top  (Marketplace Store)

Stockings ~VOLUPTIA. Seamed Simple Black Stockings (Marketplace Store)

Bracelet ~Kosh ~ Ice Mint Bracelet  (Marketplace Store)

Boots ~ ZED ~ Silerback Ankle Mesh (Marketplace Store)

Props and Poses ~ Something New ~ Sit Patiently  and  Magic Nook – Youthful Set – Thinker (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ Dreams


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