Introducing the new Egoisme…..

Egoismea                                                                                                                                                                             Click Picture

The new Egoisme sim is finally open and what a breathtaking build it is. The brand has always been known for their realistic avatars and high quality couture clothing, however, they have outdone themselves with their new  build.The new sim is influenced by the art nouveau beauty of the real life Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II shopping mall in Milan, Italy, this new build is one of the most majestic shopping malls ever created in Second Life.

“The new Egoisme store is a new concept; not just a place where you can buy fashion and skins but a piece of RL art in SL. You can visit the place, learn about it and discover a new world. In Milan this Gallery is called also Milan’s drawing room, or “salotto di Milano” because it is elegant, you can shop and sit in the famous art nouveau style cafe. Art and fashion in the same place, which is an experience we made years ago and now we bring to next level, using the mesh technology, and new creations in theme. Egoisme will now launch many new pieces with some special offers to celebrate the new store. Plus our goal is to produce an Art Expo and we will launch new projects and transform the Egoisme main store into a real place where customers are protagonists and where people can finally discover real life architecture and art in a virtual setting.”

Here’s your taxi to the new elegant railway station. Spend some time exploring this astonishing shopping mall, sit and chat with friends and purchase some dashing new clothing or even a whole new look starting with an amazing new realistic looking skin.   Website:   Facebook    Flickr    Twitter    Plurk    RSS

This weekend SL Music Races for a Cure did an amazing job with raising funds for Relay for Life. This weekend the Titanic Event and the 24 hrs Originals Weekend was a huge success adding a big chunk to the teams already $10,288 USD total.  Congratulations to Still Braveheart, Meegan Danitz, February Jinx, Liz Harley and all the wonderful musicians who gave of their time and talents. Facebook

There are many other teams working hard in SL for Relay for Life.  Once again proving SL is also a caring loving community.

If your a fan of Adorkable Poses unfortunately it was announced today that after four years in SL the store is closing. From May 13th -June 9th all in store poses will be 50% off. The marketplace store will remain open.  There are some really cool poses from this maker and many with props. I use my Adorkable poses often and will miss new releases from this maker.

Some Tuesday May 14th Events

End of Time
12pm Paradorn Ansar
1pm RonnieMayes

 Rhi’s Poem
5pm Jase Branner
6pm TBA
7pm EricSteffensen Mistwalker
8pm Mulder Watts
8:30pm Mulder/Voodoo Dual
9pm Voodoo Shilton
10pm Stratakat


My Egoisme picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin ~Egoisme ~Evian – Aphrodite Skin – TAN ( Blond brows ) Clevage One with Teeth Addon  (Marketplace Store)

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~ D!va ~Diva2  (Black amber) ( part of  3000 member group gift) (Marketplace Store)

Eyes ~Egoisme ~Evian Green Dreams    (Marketplace Store)

Tops ~Egoisme – Strapless Tops – Orange Silk, Leaves and Lattice  (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ ISON – coated denim (silver) (other colours available)      Available at Collabor88     (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~Chez Gigi~ Creme Braided Leather Sandal  (Marketplace Store)

Jewlery ~Maxi Gossamer ~ Tatiana~ Black diamonds~Necklace, Earrings Bracelet  (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~oOo  ~ Fever series  (Group gift)   (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ My own Egoisme Art Gallery  ( Dilly Dally’s Photo Studio)



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