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Today my bestie Owl and I hung out at the GarageDesigner Fair 2013, spending more Linden than we planned too!  There are a lot of great items to be bought and many stores have a freebie box for 0 or 1L. The sim is well designed and easy to manover and runs from from May 15 to May 29, 2013.
The Garage Fair Is the most actual concept and new in SL. The Theme is based in a Casual & Fashionista Style Old, New and Mixed.
This is a Great Opportunity to meet New Designer, New Style & Old Designer Too.”  Here’s your taxi.

This evening I had the pleasure of hearing two performers I’ve not blogged before. I was invited to a house warming for my friends Jinx and FT. They have a very pretty SL home and had two very good performers for their guests pleasure.  I do have to mention though, they ran out of crabs puffs… just saying.

The evening first performance was by SaraMarie Philly “Pop music Singer/Songwriter from Philadephia, PA”. Seated at a piano she sang away the hour with song after song in her beautful voice. Sara is defintely one to see again.  You can hear her yourself at Vegas Nights Lounge 1/05  7pm slt. Find out more about Sara on her website.

Sylar Morrisey was the other performer at the house warming. Acoustic goodness with a very mellow and moving voice. The hour rushed by but I could have listened a lot longer. He even plays Barenaked Ladies songs so you know he’s good!  Hear Sylar at Endless Delirium 20/05 8pm slt.

This weekend is the half way mark for Relay for Life and RFL of SL is having a weekend of music and events.The sim is being created as an “Alice in  Wonderland Mad Hatter Tea Party” celebration.  The Halfway There Awards  Ceremony is planned for 4pm SLT on Saturday, May 18th  Everyone is invited to join in and explore the sim.  The day starts 10 am slt. Here’s your ride.

A reminder for the fashion show at Allure Fashion today Saturday May 18th  4pm slt. Here is your Limo.               Facebook 

Some Saturday May 18th Music :

End of Time 
12pm Ciske Crumb
1pm VLB Virtual Live Band
2pm Jasher Faith
3pm Guitarman Flanagan

Rhi’s Poem
11am TerryLynn Melody
12pm Alexia Grace
1pm Fedora Jones
2pm Phoenix J
3pm James Corachea

a-dividerMy garage picture is brought to you by the following designers:


Skin ~7Deadly Skins ~ May GroupGift

Hair ~TRUTH~ Britney – champagne   ( Marketplace Store )

Top ~Damned Dolls ~Sunrise Top ( Free Gift) ~ Available at Garage Fair

Pants ~Mesh Head ~ Hippy Flared Jeans  ~   Available at Garage Fair


Hair ~Wasabi Pills~ Cherilyn Mesh Hair – Reds pack  (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Mesh Head ~Cut Out Skull Dress  ~ Available at Garage Fair

Poses ~ Elephante ~ – Let It Out ( Free Gift) Available at Garage Fair

Location ~ GarageDesigner Fair 2013



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