I’m still here…………..

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It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged but it’s that time of year when First Life gets busy and will probably be this way for a few months.  I have not stopped blogging as a few people had thought. Thank you all who messaged me it’s nice to know people are actually reading me.  I haven’t been around the grid much to see any music but there are a few things I wanted to talk about. So dressed in this great pink sweater from Fishy Strawberry, jewelry from Zed and hair from Truth, I feel all comfy and ready to blog.

First off, tomorrow, May 23rd  is Marky Helstein’s First Life Birthday and a big bash with lots of awesome, music will be happening. It all starts at 2pm slt at Marky’s Place and the line up is as follows:
2-2:30pm   Frog Marlowe
2:30-3pm   Mason Thorne
3-3:30pm   Lisa Brune
3:30-4pm  Russell Eponym
4-4:30pm  Sassy Nightly
4:30-5pm Matthew Perreault
5-6pm       Soar
6-6:30pm Shannon Oherlihy
6:30-7pm  Noma Falta
7-7:30pm  Stella Silvansky
7:30-8pm Denny Mac
8-8:30pm Max Keene
8:20-9pm  Puddy Quan

Anyone who follows music in SL knows Lord Gar Rau and most likely also knows Gar’s mother is fighting esophageal cancer and as her primary care giver, Gar is no longer on SL as often as he would like to be. When he owned The Source, a venue many of us treasured, his mother would often listen to the artists perform and it brought them both great joy. Now, they spend the bulk of their time in hospitals for chemo treatments or in the car traveling to and from these hospital visits. The cost of travel and medical expenses is taking it’s toll and would be a hardship on most anyone.

Rhi’s Poem is planning a benefit for Gar and his mother for June 1, 2013. With the help of Dark Rau they have compiled a list of Gar’s very favorite performers on SL and it is sure to be an awesome event and help lift Gar and his mom’s spirits. I will blog a line up in a few days.

In addition to the music events they are also hosting a rummage sale, with the proceeds being donated by each seller to the cause. Much like a First Life community outreach for someone, where often the neighborhood church will host a large community wide secondhand sale. This is what they are creating for this benefit for Lord Gar and his mother. If interested in helping out please contact  Meegan Danitz, Corialote Dougall or February Jinx for a Yard Sale tag. So that you’ll be able to rez at the venue on the day.

A great way to help someone who loves SL music as much as we do and clean out our inventory of unwanted items at the same time.


My blog picture today is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~TRUTH~ Sandra Streaked – oasis   ( Marketplace Store )

Sweater ~Fishy Strawberry~ Impromptu Cardigan Nude ~Black Belt ~ Mesh (comes in several colours with black or brown belt option)

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3 thoughts on “I’m still here…………..

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  3. H, Daall – I hadn’t heard about the benefit for Gar..thanks for the info and your blog is great!!!!! – Stel

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