Happy Birthday Marky…….

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Was lazing around today in my new home in my sweet capri’s and sweater from Ducknipple,and these awesome  RFL one of a kind sneakers from Charmed Breedable Fashion.  My messy D!va hair pulls it all together.  Moving in SL is so much fun, a few clicks your all packed and ready to move to a new location.  Unpacking and setting up is such a breeze, I’m being silly and hoping one day First Life will be as easy.  Yes, I am being fitted for a white jacket as I type. Eventually my lazing around had to end as I wanted to go to Marky Helstein’s  Birthday party. As I blogged yesterday the line up was awesome!

I arrived as Mason Thorne Mason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well” was well into his rendition of Snoop Doggy Gin n Juice and the place was hopping.  He made it through his half hour without the stage hook grabbing him. Wearing a kilt in Marky’s honour he even threw in a few Scottish songs.  Great half hour of tunes and jokes.  You can catch a Mason show yourself at Surfside Hideaway  28/05 3pm slt.

Lisa Brune “The voice of an angel does not do Lisa proud, clear ethereal touching, moving..all words used to describe Lisa and how she makes you feel.” took the stage next and took everyone to heaven and back with her  beautiful voice.  A half hour of Lisa is not just enough. Lisa can be hear a24/05 1pm at The Rose Theatre.

Next on the Birthday stage was Russell Eponym “Russell “The Merman” Eponym is one of the first live musicians in Second Life and has performed in most of the major venues. Primarily influenced by the British and European folk tradition, His unique sound is characterized by meticulous finger picking guitar style, soft lulling voice and charming British stage presence.” the ultimate  folk singer who captures your attention and doesn’t let it go till the last note has been sung.  Hear Russell for yourself at Lacey’s Place 24/05 3pm slt.

There were a lot more fantastic performers but First Life caught up with me and I had to leave.  The party was well attended and I’m pretty sure I counted 70 avi’s at one point. Happy 22nd + Birthday Marky!

Lots of things going on at Charmed Breedable Fashion. Charmed Breedable Fashions is very pleased with their association with Relay For Life of Second Life and The H,G&B Expo team, this year. CBF has designed some fantastic Special Limited Edition Sneakers for the event, The RFL Jaiden. In three different designs for all of us that have been either touched by the loss of a loved one, successfully fought cancer and to all those that continue to fight. ~ Taxi

CBF is also taking part in the One Of A Kind Silent Auction.  They have  designed a  CBF – COCO Hope Rosette Blue (Wearable Pair of Shoes/NOT Breedable)
Designed in Spring colors of 2013:  Grayed Jade, Dusk Blue, Monaco Blue and Emerald  (Comes with a skin and resizer hud, hide foot and alpha layer) ~Taxi

The CBF  RFL team made a whopping 128,378 L  in the Bid me Bald Challenge. The Viper Showdown the 3rd Highest amount of Linden raised in the 9 year history of the Relay Rockers Team!!! Bailey lost  and had to shave her lovely locks off but the whole team followed suit and spend the day  bald with her.  Way to go CBF  RFL  team.

For all you Breedable shoe fanatics things are getting closer to wearable time. There is still a bit of retesting to do to assure things run smoothly. The team has been busy designing so many more Unique CBF shoe designs for your designing and wearing pleasure. Approximately 200 additional shoes are in the process of going into the system. Those also have to be tested for levels and layers and such. In thanks of all of your support CBF is offering a 24 hours half price sale. This will call this designer appreiciation day. This will be once a month on the 11th of every month. The first one will be this weekend.
Saturday 25th from 7am SLT to Sunday 26th 7am SLT.  The sale is on the quick buy broom and polish combos for  24 hrs you will be able to  buy them at 50% off. ~ Taxi

At the 6th Home and Garden Expo, running from May 24th to June 3rd.  Sims open:  12PM SLT on May 24th. There will be  8 regions full of home products, 2 sims just for the breedables fair and 1 entertainment sim. Lots going on so make sure you stop  by.  ~ Taxi

All shows at End of Time until  May 26th will be in support of Relay for Life. So come out and hear some good music and support a good cause.

 May 24 ~ End of Time
1pm Caasi Ansar
2pm Josie Anderton
3pm Reallymad Morpork
4pm Lyn Carlberg

May 24 ~Rhi’s Poem
6pm Rara Destiny
7pm Krysania Eramos
8pm  Dragonfly
9pm Anek Fuchs
10pm VK Lynne


My blog picture is brought to you be the following designers:

Hair ~D!va ~Sayaka3 ~(Type A)(Cat’s eye) (Marketplace Store)

Sweater ~Ducknipple ~Mesh Open Cardigan  (18 colour change hud) (Marketplace Store)

Tank ~Jane ~ Intrinsic ~ Tank ~ White Cream  ( Free tank fat pack instore)  (Marketplace Store)

Capri ~Ducknipple Mesh: CapriGo  with separate belt (Marketplace Store)

Sneakers ~Charmed Breedable Fashion – JAIDEN Chain Remember ~ Available at Home Garden and  Breedable Expo

Prop and Poses ~CheekyPea ~ Autumn Fly To the Sky Bench (Marketplace Store)



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