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Last Saturday in May already, time moves swiftly in both worlds.  Today I threw off the casual clothes I’ve been wearing lately and dressed up a bit and headed over to the Home, Garden and Breedables Expo. A huge Event full of awesome items to benefit Relay for Life. (Taxi)  I  picked up a few goodies that I will be blogging in the following days. I really like the dressy shorts I’m wearing from Baiastice and the silky top from Vive 9,  the new shoes from N-core with the great new skin matching system. My classy looking Wasabi hair is perfect for this casually classy outfit. The jewlery from  Jeannie’s Jewels and Glow Studio pull this whole look together perfectly.

I read profiles and came upon one worth mentioning. It belongs to Kira Snowfield. Kira’s profile is loaded with great tips to help you find your way through SL easier. One tip was to use the AO included in the viewers. Of course I’ve seen it but passed it by thinking it would be basic and robotic looking. Little did I know you actually build the AO  yourself with animations you have. I sometimes use my older laptop that really doesnt handle SL well  but when I loaded a few animations into the Singularity viewer (works best on my laptop)  I noticed a big difference in lag. If you suffer from the lag syndrome give this a try. Kira also has a link to a good article on the topic which you can read here. A very friendly Avi who likes to help out her fellow SL citizen.

Last night my friend Owl invited me to the opening of a new venue, Bluemoon Dreamspace. This  venue is very cool, with seats floating in space, an art gallery and a beautiful garden. Particle Tom (tomflo123) and DJ Sunshine the evenings entertainment and it was spectacular! Tom puts on the best particle show I have seen in SL and coupled with the perfect songs by DJ Sun the time just sped by. I was so relaxed and chilled floating, watching the different colours and textures as they came and went, circled and floated along with me. The music was candy for my ears, dreamy and ethereal. Particle Tom doesn’t have a regular schedule but if I hear of an upcoming show you  can be sure it will be blogged here. In the meantime check out this video of Particle Tom with Jed Luckless.        Bluemoon Website

A reminder to all you Charmies, the Charmed Breedable Fashion monthly steal deal is only for 24hrs and ends Sunday at 7am slt. So go grab 50% off the quick buy brooms and polish. (Taxi)  Also CBF is involved in the H,G&B Expo One of a Kind Silent Auction and has a special RFL sneaker available.  Here are your Taxi’s:  Auction       Sneaker

A thank you from Brie and Marky Helstein to all who performed and attended Marky’s Birthday Bash on the 23rd. In total 15K was raised for Feed a Smile and hours and hours of fabulous music was played. A great way to celebrate and help a good cause.  Thanks to Robert69 Little for filming Marky singing at his party.

This evening I had a bit of time to spend at Whiskey Go Round.“ One of Second Life’s Longest Running Events….. Musicians and Singers come from across the grid to play for the best crowd in all of Second Life, that’s you …. Each artist performs 3 songs and oh yea —they take a shot of their favorite beverage before each song ….It gets crazy And you can partake tooo…. We have the crazy sploder, ALSO prizes given out every fifteen minutes …. So come and meet some awesome new firends, enjoy some great music and dance the night away…..It’s a very fun atmosphere where you can let loose and go crazyyyyyyyyy Come on over let’s party.”   Next Saturday June 1st is Whiskey Go Rounds SIXTH Birthday and I imagine the people dropping in will be endless. Unfortunately I will be away on vacation and will miss all that great music, but if your inworld and free this is going to be the place to be! Performers dropping in and singing tonight were:  Grateful Stryker, Onesummer Oh, BartAlan Barbasz, Krysania Eramos, April McCoy and Jamesdean Emert. There are regulars who show up every Saturday but always new people arriving, keeping things interesting.  I recommend you spend some time here on a Saturday night and meet a great group of people and hear some good music.

May 25 ~ End of Time (Relay for Life Show)
1pm Mimi Carpenter
2pm Lovesongs Writer
3pm VLB Virtual Live Band
4pm Vincent Carpathea

May 25 ~Rhi’s Poem
6pm SaraMarie Philly
7pm  Oblee
8pm RandyB Magic
9pm Sylar Morrisey


My blog picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~Jamie Mesh Hair – Gingerbread (Marketplace Store)

Eyelashes ~ZED ~Mesh lashes Series 1 (Marketplace Store )

Blouse ~ Vive 9~ SoftySilky Cropped Blouse ~ Lilac (Marketplace Store)

Shorts ~Baiastice ~Kasia shorts ~white

Shoes ~N-core DELICIOUS ~White (Marketplace Store)

Necklace and Earrings ~ Jeannie’s Jewels Bold Tortured Flower  ( colour change hud) (Marketplace Store)

Watch ~ Glow Studio ~ Its too late Watch  (Group Gift) (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~ Exposeur – Singles Special #1 and 3 ( fat pack of 30 poses for 175L  till midnight slt May 26th ) (Marketplace Store)



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