I’m back and I’ve been to the Gatcha Arcade!


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I’m back from short vacation number one and survived no internet connection or cell service.  I missed some great events but there is always something good going on in SL so lots to look forward to.

First off the Love Gives Hope Benefit for Lord Gar Rar and his mom at Rhi’s Poem was a big success, I wished I could have been there. It’s such a good thing when a community pulls together to help lift one of their own’s spirits in anyway they can. In a virtual community we are limited as to what we can do but everything little thing  counts. Read Gar’s thank you here.

I also missed one of my favourite Saturday night haunts Birthday Bash. Whiskey Go Round celebrated it’s 6th year in SL June 1st, but luckily Robert Little filmed some of it. Thanks Robert, now I can watch what I missed.  Check out Grateful StrykerGrif Bamaisin,  Franc0is Beaumont, and  OneSummer Oh performances. Remember Whiskey Go Round starts at 8pm slt every Saturday night and ends when it ends!! Save this taxi and attend this Saturday, don’t’ forget to say hi if you see me there.

The newest Gatcha Arcade started June 1st and runs through till the end of the month. I managed to get in this morning and gather up some goodies. Check out this great skin from Harley, hair from Wasabi Pills and Dead Apple eyes. I’m wearing some sweet shorts from Emery, cool boots from Fashionably Dead and adorable necklace from NO.  Even the Tee*fy knapsack and Floorplan tent are from the Gatcha Arcade.  Found this cute little t-shirt from Mon Tissu to tie it all together. Almost felt like I was still on vacation.

While at the arcade I noticed most people still don’t get bother to script down for these type of events which are always at maximum avatar capacity. Lag is always an issue, yet avi’s are still attending all decked out with high scripts. Come on people, strip down, find a none script hair, leave the AO in your inventory and go old school. The less scripts you wear the better your shopping experience for you and everyone else. Taxi

June is Blogger Month in Second Life.  CHALLENGE:30 posts in 30 days. It’s easier than it sounds! Don’t think you’re writing the great novel! Just a simple post a day. A short post. A photo post. Any post. 30 posts in 30 days. I’m a few days late starting, I wonder if I can do it?  I have before, but it’s summer, might not be as easy but I’m going to give it a try.

Woodstock Wednesday again at Commune Utopia and Owl Dragonash has lured Hayduke Schnook  back inworld to perform.” Laid back, fun, and comfortable are words used to describe Schnook’s shows.  It’s very comparable to a back yard porch jam, where everyone can be goofy and just have some laughs.  So come check him out.  Whether it’s mandolin music, jokes, or tall tales of fishing misadventures, you’re sure to remember the experience and want more!”  So tp over to the Commune at noon slt  for an hour of Hayduke and enjoy the ambiance of a great place you might want to visit again and again.Here’s your taxi.

June 05 ~ End of Time presents 3 hours of awesome music!
12pm Russell Eponym
1pmJukebox Diesel
2pm Eeco


My back from vacation picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin ~Pink Fuel  ~ Harley ~Peach ~Arcade 09  ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~Lory Mesh Hair ~ Chocolate  ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Eyes ~Dead Apples ~ Mesh – Thunder – Murder ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Top ~Mon Tissu ~ Lollia Tank Top – Red ( Marketplace Store)

Shorts ~Emery – Mesh Running Short Zolof Berry (Cotton) ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Boots ~Fashionably Dead ~Bossy Boots – Floral Black/Blue  ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Necklace~(NO) Vintage Portrait Necklace – Cha-Cha ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Knapsack ~Tee*fy  Leather-Made Goat Head    Prism ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Tent ~Floorplan ~ sleepover tent ~ cloud ~Available at Gatcha Arcade

Location ~ Dally’s Home

Blog moving soon to daallee.com



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