Bears like Charmed Breedable Fashion shoes too……..

charmed-bearsClick Picture

It used to be that bears would just break into your house, eat your porridge, sleep in your bed etc., but now they are after shoes! It’s almost time for Second Life’s 10th Anniversary and these bears seem to be cropping up all over the place.  Most likely reason is they are available free on marketplace as an anniversary gift to SL Citizens along with a few other tidbits. Check it out here. Get your bear and wear it proudly, dress it up and make a personal statement.  It’s all good fun. 🙂 The Grand Opening is June 16th and  approaching fast.  I encourage everyone to get out and explore the 20 sims full of displays, music, builds, designs. The theme is Looking Forward, Looking Back and I for one will try and see all that I can. The big bash starts June 16th and runs until June 29th.  More about it in future blogs. If you are featuring your talent at the Event and would like to share it in my blog drop me an IM inworld and we’ll talk.

Now about the bears that broke into my shoe closet and stretched out 2 pairs of my  favourites. My lovely Charmed Breedable Fashion shoes abused like that, it just broke my heart. I imagine they found them an anomaly since they are a new thing in SL this past year. I doubt they knew how to use the great hud that comes with each wearable pair. If they knew how they’d be able to fit them to their feet, well at least boots and sneakers, not sure they have a fur skin setting… yet!

There is lots going on over at Charmed Breedable Fashions. Wearables ARE coming SOON! As the MW (Make Wearable) stage begins, you will be asked to attend a Charm School for Wearables. Although this is an easy process, you need to fully understand it. Once you make a shoe wearable it cannot go back to a design image. CBF will not be replacing MW for user errors. Schedules for classes will be set up soon. I had a class myself yesterday and as long as you pay attention to each step the process really is easy. Just look at all those  shoes on my shelves, soon I’ll have tons of colours and styles to wear, sell and gift. Basically, I can do what ever I want as they are transferable.

The CBF team has been busy designing so many more Unique CBF shoe designs for your designing and wearing pleasure. Approximately 200 additional shoes are in the process of going into the system.   There are also other new products such as Design Bags (used to make wearables), Flair Bows(Adds 10 points to your flair) MW Only, Care-O-Matic (Put all your CBF products in one place and automatically replace your polish and broom) and a Resale Sachet (your shoe care when they aren’t at home, Store Mode/Green heart.  Recently CBF put out it’s first catalog full of goodies, drop by the store or join the group to receive one.

The new things at Charm just keep rolling in. The new CBF Spring/Summer 2013 Collection…….To get the new edition they have to come from the Mystery Shoe Boxes, so in our appreciation CBF will be giving all verified current players a free 4 pack of Mystery Boxes. Future Collections will be updated on a Seasonal bases, just like Real Life.  You will need to buy new starter packs to get the new editions and see what fun things happen when combined with your existing shoes. As if that isn’t enough, soon there will be a Youtube video about “How to Play” Charmed Breedable Shoes!

Customer Appreciation Day is still a monthly thing on the 11th of each month and will be some sort of sale on one of the CBF products, Remember The 11th!!!! I’ll be posting the super deal the night before.

Lastly, don’t forget there are shoe design resale stores at the following locations: CBF-Main Sim North & South       Sassy’s      Wheels Family Breeding      Peaches

All this great stuff happening for members, so…. why are you not a member and playing this game because with all the fun you can have there is still one last goodie…. you can  win a First Life pair of designer shoes worth between 300-500 USD by birthing a glass cradle.

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Join the CBF group: secondlife:///app/group/903f42a0-4453-bc63-64ba-adba657bcae8/about


My pesky bear picture is brought to you by the following designers :

Bears (Daallee and Owl) ~ Shopkeeper Linden’s Store

Boots ~ Charmed Breedable Fashion ~ ARCHER Chain Boot

Sneakers ~Charmed Breedable Fashion ~CBF – RFL JAIDEN Chain Fight Back  (Available only till the  end of the Relay for Life season)

Poses and Props ~ Charmed Breedable Fashion  Shoe Closet and Seats

Location ~ Dallee’s shoe closet



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