Playing with the boy toys……………………….


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When your guys away you get to play with his toys. Egoisme gave a new group gift today in the form of this cool bike. It comes with a lot of different huds, with so many options you’ll spend hours riding it.  To get one for yourself all you have to do is join the pay per join group “Egoisme Prestige”.  Here’s your taxi to the store.

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Since I was playing with boy toys I also slipped on one of his new t-shirts from Egoisme and these cool boots from Enelya’s Creations, who says girls can’t wear boys clothes! The hair from Damselfly was perfect for my look.

I did manage to get dressed today and go out for some music. I haven’t been to Guthrie’s in a while and made it part of the last show to hear Ciske Crumb“a RL musician now playing on Sl for nearly 3 years. He fell hard for the Blues during his trips to Chicago and has his own way to cover old Bluesmen like Elmore James, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Willie Dixon, Robert Johnson, Big Bill Broonzy, Skip James and a lot more.”  Ciske has a  raw, gravelly sound mixed with a french accent that makes his blues bluesier and a good listen.  This is one to see and you can at Too Easy Rock and Blues Club 12/06 @ 3pm slt. Find out more about Ciske here.

Next stop was Alianne’s for  KevinmThomas Carpool a long time SL musican.” A RL musician whose performances in Second Life are acoustic and electric along the lines of 80’s rock. His voice has been likened to Steve Perry of Journey. His original music is deep and emotional”  An hour of goodness from a very entertaining and talented performer. Awesome meaningful originals, this was an hour well spent. Hear Kevin yourself at End of Time 14/06 1pm slt.  Find out more about Kevin here.

Last stop for me was Ground Zero for Eric “DirtyDee” Sweetwater ” He is an engaging performer that leaves the audience having fun and and feeling like a family. Musically talented and charismatic, Eric “DirtyDee” Sweetwater performs a range of covers and originals that is sure to please.”  A very versatile performer with a great sense of humour who makes his audience glad to be there.  Awesome originals a well rounded musician. Get some DirtyDee for yourself at Good Karma 13/03 4pm slt.  More about Eric here.

I know I’ve already blogged once today BUT slipping this in to catch up on my 30 blogs in 30 days  challenge and I was so excited to tell about the Egosime motorcycle!


My boy toys picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Skin ~Egoisme  ~Evian – Aphrodite Skin – TAN ( Dark brows )  (Marketplace Store)

Shape~ My Own

Hair ~Damselfly~Laurel Brown Driftwood (colour hud) (Marketplace Store)

Shirt ~Egoisme  TEE Shirt ~Heradiry (more colours available) (Marketplace Store)

Panties ~Egoisme – Lingerie Le Fleur Pink & Grey Dots – Underpants Layer  (Marketplace Store)

Boots ~Enelya’s Creations ~ABL Army Boots (Marketplace Store)

Bike ~Egoisme Prestige Bike

Poses ~ Y’s A&P – Leaning on a Wall M1

Location ~ Daallee’s Home



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