SL is aging are you?


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I’ve seen this older avatar around the grid a few times at different venues and decided to send him an IM about his aged skin which fascinated me. In this virtual world where we can be and look how we want many of us choose to be younger, more attractive even the opposite sex. The more adventurous of us choose to be all kinds of different forms but few choose to be “old”. Plus, as I keep mentioning Second Life is now 10 years old. Should we all age along with it?

Skip Jatho, is one who dares to wear the more mature look and he does it well. Stylish and attention to detail makes his avatars very appealing. Come on girls admit it….. many of us have looked at an older man and thought …. wow he really is handsome for his age. The three in the picture above are definitely very attractive and appealing.

I had a chat with Skip about his over six and a half years in SL and his ever evolving looks. In his many years, Skip had done just about everything from store and venue owner to designer, builder, Dj,  you name it Skip has most likely had his hand in it. Now he spends most of his time enjoying music and hanging with his friends and of course, collecting his vast collection of avatars. I asked him how many he actually had and he replied to many to count! If you look at his profile inworld you’ll see other forms he has taken… even a big hairy dude!

The youngest looking fellow above comes from Tellaq, with the two older avatars coming from Reo-G Skin Sky and are available on lucky letter boards for a 100L group join fee. There are many skins with shapes and eyes to be won, both male and female. Skip dresses his avi’s from many different stores around the grid picking up a piece here and there making all his outfits very personal and original.  If you see Skip around the grid say hello he’s a very friendly and interesting fellow.

My musical journey today took me to Surfside Hideaway first, to hear the seldom seen Hayduke Schnook Laid back, fun, and comfortable are words used to describe Schnook’s shows. It’s very comparable to a back yard porch jam, where everyone can be goofy and just have some laughs.” Dook’s show’s are always a good laugh,unpredictable with amazing originals and quirky covers. There is also a lot of talk about fishing and chickens. OK, so you have to be there to understand that. So…..if he show’s up, Dook will be at Commune Utopia 13/07 at 12 noon slt and then you can find out what the fishing and chicken talk is all about 😛

Playing at Solelua Beach, Jukebox Deisel “Juke has been playing acoustic and electric guitar for many years and is a keen bass guitar player and drummer/percussionist.” was next on my wanna hear list this evening. A fellow Queen fan, which put him high on my esteem list, always pours himself into an hour of fabulous vocals and guitar. Not one to shy away from trying a new song, you can’t go wrong by spending time at one of his shows. Hear Juke yourself at New England 12/06 5pm slt.  Ask him for a Queen song he does them well.      Facebook

Staying at Soleuna Beach, XaraFiasco (xarateransula)A killer piano player and singer with songs such as Amoeba on my Saturn, Liver (about chicken liver) and Violent Bitch (a bluesy tongue in cheek song about self-expression).” took the stage next. Full of life and song, accompanying herself on piano she played a great compilation of covers and originals as the hour rushed by. Get some Xara for yourself at Idle Rogue 14/06 2am slt.              Facebook

Commune Utopia The place to be Wednesday’s at Noon!

June 12th BETH ODETS -12pm noon slt – Woodstock Wednesdays!  Beth Odets is a classically trained concert violinist who threw it all away to become the greatest itinerant fiddlist in Second Lfe. And Beth loves to jam!!! Taxi


The Charmed Breedable Fashions   50% off customer appreciation sale is quickly coming to an end for this month. The Quick Buy Broom and Polish Packs for 50% off ends at 7amslt Wednesday June 12 so  hurry and stock up!    Facebook     Taxi


June 12  ~ End of Time
1pm Russell Eponym
2pm Bluemonk Rau
3pm Rosedrop Rust

Enjoy your Second Life ………………………                                                          Daallee


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