A serious Daallee…………….


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I bet no one ever thought I had a serious side, well I do. I can be quite stern and prudish, honestly I can. I think I’ve caught the look in this great Blazer from Eden and slacks from NYU, jewelry from Eden, Earthstones and hair from Boon.  Wouldn’t I look great as a librarian?

So has everyone gotten their 10th Anniversary Bear and snapped a picture for the contest? I havent as yet and better get on it but I have seen some great ones on their flickr page. Check out the contest info here and give it your best try. I’ll even post them on my blog if you send me the link.

Another good SL10B page to check out is  SL10B by Us website this site will help keep you in the loop of all the events happening from June 16-29th.

I heard the wonderfully sweet Sassy Nightly“Some say her music moves them, others are allured by her charisma, but all are captivated by her soul-felt vocal talent filled with power and grace. Barbie’s shows are colored with catchy acoustic cover and original music and many songs are produced on the spot with the accompaniment of her loop station.” this evening at New England. What more can I say that hasn’t been said by others? A very delightful and talented performer and one I plan to see many times. Hear her for yourself at Key West 13/06 5pm slt.    Website

Next stop was at the Spirit Pilot’s Lounge to hear Von Johin streaming live from just outside Nashville USA. “In second life, Von Johin is all about the roots of his musical love, american blues, rural country folk, bluegrass and more. on occasion he’ll swing into something covered by jerry garcia, or some groovy other psychedelic material that inspires him as he goes. shows are not set-listed, and one song can flow into the next.”  Man, can Von move his fingers over his instrument of choice and his made for bluegrass, country blues vocals are something you really need to hear.  Take this tp and  find Von at Molasky’s 13 /06 7pm slt. You won’t regret it.   Website

Last stop was Pannies for one heck of a fun triple stream by three very talented guys. KevinMThomas Carpool, MrMULTI (mrmulti.writer) and Ed Lowell in various places in the USA playing live together through the magical powers of technology.  Fabulous and eclectic hour of goodness. Each is a powerhouse on his own and can be seen at the  following places around the  grid.

KevinMThomas Carpool    Shangri-La Island 13/6 1pm slt.    Website

MrMulti           Gallery Rouge                         14/06 5:30pm slt   Website

Ed Lowell       Streaming Falls                         13/06 6pm slt


For all your bargain lovers a new shop has opened for your shopping pleasure.Room69 is a monthly circular event meant to showcase some of Second Life’s top creators & items all in one room with a max price of 69L!! This includes sales from designers in all classes eg. clothing, shoes, houses, furniture, etc… Each event will start 1st until 20th off each month.  Grab your wallets and this taxi and head to Room69.   Facebook Blog Flickr



My serious look is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~ Boon  TUN247 hair blonde           (Marketplace Store)

Jacket ~Eden~  Straight Jacket  (Black) ~ Available at Room69

Pants ~NYU – Napa Leather Pants, Pink  (Marketplace Store)

Necklace and Earrings ~ EarthStones Arron Necklace ~Malachite   Group Gift    (Marketplace Store)

Ring ~Eden~Oblivian ring ❤ ~ Available at Room69

Watch ~ no longer available

Props ~ Sweet Animations ~ Library  (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~ oOo Studio ~ Chilly3 & Crisp 6  (Markerplace Store)



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