Wanna be Model….

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Check me out playing model at Zed Designs bloggers office. So cool of them to give us bloggers all our own space at Zed City. I’ve have my own desk, picture on the wall which when clicked takes you directly to my blog online. Great photo studio and comfortable sitting area.  Thank you Zappy and Bastian.  I’m modelling Zed’s new killer, spiked bra and unzipped G-String. With this sexy hair from Emotions and tip toes from Slink, My avi looks like a super model.  No airbrushing was used to make my model appear slimmer either so maybe I’m just a regular model. 🙂 If you want to check out the bloggers office here’s your Taxi.

Today SL, my ISP or my router decided I did not need to spend copious amounts of time  here and kept knocking me offline. I had planned on hearing a lot of music but unfortunately only managed a few.

At Rhi’s Poem I heard the last few songs by Terrylyn Melody and the first few of Pol Aria. It was enough to know I definitely want to hear more of each of them.                        Terrylyn, a girl and her guitar with a sweet voice. Hear this sweetness yourself at Key West 17/06 5pm slt.   Facebook                                                                                                                 Pol Aria, what a voice and I only heard 3 songs!  Fabulous, check him out yourself at Woodstock Wednesday, Commune Utopia  19/06 12 noon slt.  Website

At Helle’s Angels  Fifth Anniversary I caught the first few songs of Saintess Lania a UK singer songwriter and guitarist with a soothing voice and charming banter.  I hope to catch her next show at The G Spot 26/06  2pm slt.     Website

At Panorama it was Stinna Celt streaming live from Denmark for the RFL 24 hrs of music from different countries event. As sweet as always with her crystal clear voice and charming way. I couldn’t find Stinna’s next gig in search but she’s a regular at Franks, so if you’d like to hear her check there.   Facebook

In between music events, disconnects and crashes I attended a workshop “ The Tree of Missing Avatars” hosted by my Bloggers Challenge group.  Agnes Sharple provided all of us beautiful sculpted trees and instead of flowers, the trees contained 6 photo lockets. Our mission was to fill the lockets with avatars we miss in our SL. “In The Tree of Missing Avatars, Agnes Sharple helps us explore relationships made and lost in virtual space. In the physical world many people have the experience of spending more waking hours with coworkers than with family. Often an job change means the abrupt end of so many person-to-person connections. In a virtual world some people stay a long time, while other have “job” or “recreation” changes. Just as Facebook now makes it possible, for better or worse, to remember the people you no longer see, so too, your in-world “friends list” reminds you of people who don’t login anymore or who don’t travel in your circles anymore. Yet these names remain on our friends lists reminding us of the connections that once were.” I have to say it was a very touching exercise for me and it brought back some fun and good memories of  Avatars/People I have missed. If you’d like to see the tree’s grab this TP.

Sunday, 16th June ~ END OF TIME
1pm Shannon Oherlihy
2 pm Whirligig
3 pm Vincent Carpathea

Sunday 16 June  RHI’S POEM
6pm  Beamer Lowtide
7pm Stephanniyah Sinatra
8pm Randyb Magic
9pm Beth Odets

My Blog will be moving permanently to “www.daallee.com Daallee : These are the Days of my SL Life“ in a few weeks. please update your bookmarks and change your email subscribe to the new blog. Thank you :)


My model picture is brought to you by the following designers :

Hair ~EMO-tions ~BABY  ~blonde

Bra ~ZED~ La Lola Lishis Spiked Bra, Red ( comes in several colours)(Marketplace Store)

Panties ~ZED~G – String, Unzipped ( comes in several styles)(Marketplace Store)

Wrist Band ~ Relay for Life ( Donation)

Poses ~TA PhotoStudio  Model Poses

Location ~ Zed Designs Blogger Office



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