Drumroll…Wearables are on their way………

daydreamingClick Picture

That’s me above dreaming about making all my shoes into wearables. Don’t I look dreamy in the sweet butterfly dress From Barely Legal, necklace from  Yummy, bracelet from Izzie’s and hair from Em0-tions.

Very soon those I have promised shoes to will have them. So, for all you who are still sitting on the fence you might want to hop off now and join the breedable shoe game. It really is rather fun figuring out which shoe paired with which might make something special. Then waiting for the breeding process to happen and birthing the cradles that appear. There is always that chance you might birth the glass cradle and receive the First Life certificate for a pair of designer shoes worth between 300-500 $ USD.


Date: Tuesday June 18th
Times: 5 am & 7 pm SLT
Where: Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim Front Door

This is The Wearables Edition!

The big session you’ve all been waiting for! CBF will be holding their Charm School on how to turn your breedable shoes into wearables! This includes the detailed explanation of the wearables process as well as the Flair bow.  They want all their Designers to understand the process fully so they can create their perfect pair of shoes. CBF will be providing a pair of shoes for everyone to make and take home. As always, all questions are welcome. They also welcome new faces to the Charm Schools! Bring your friends and get them involved 🙂

Today was the Grand Opening of Second Life’s 10th Birthday Bash Events. I was away all day First Life so wasnt able to check it out but Daniel Voyager has an awesome blog on the opening and will be following it day by day. Blog


My dreaming blog is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~EMO-tions ~ ELLEN ~blonde  (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Barely Legal ~ Butterfly Fields Dress  (Marketplace Store)

Necklace ~Yummy ~Multiple Chain Necklace   (Marketplace Store)

Bracelet ~Izzie’s ~ 80’s Rainbow Bangles (mesh)  (Marketplace Store)

Props ~GLITTERATI – Springtime Grass  with poses  (Marketplace Store)



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