Ear candy and Music Hall of Fame…………

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Evening time and where am I, back in SL and on the hunt for ear candy and exploring the SL10B sims.

First stop was New England and here I found some great ear candy in the form of Pete Mroz. “Passionate, clear, precise, soulful, hopeful, and original acoustic singer/songwriter Pete Mroz offers soulful vocals and a ever present hope that love is not gone but more alive than ever.”  My ears were filled with the rich gooey goodness something like nutella in the form of Pete’s voice singing an awesome array of covers and originals. This is one to be heard but unfortunately I couldn’t find an upcoming performance in SL for Pete. To learn more about him check out his website.      Facebook

Next I was off to the Cake Stage at SL10B to hear my friend Lillie Woodells sing. “I am a live singer who loves to share her passion for music.” Singing from her heart, Lillie spends her hour filling your ears with passionate covers and charming her audience with her laughter.  My dear friend never fails to sing a Tracy Chapman song for me. 🙂  You can hear Lillie for yourself at The Great Fissure 19/06 6pm slt.

Before I logged out I took a quick tour of the Music Hall of Fame sim at SLB10. Ok so this is not one of my best pictures but… I tried to capture a lot of the background. I saw all kinds of great exhibits but  your going to have to go there and see them for yourself.  It really is worth the time to check out what your fellow SL citizens are up to. While there I saw Robert Little’s exhibit of his video’s. Unbeknownst to be me, he snapped a picture of me posing for my blog .  🙂 Nice set up Robert and again thank you for filming the videos you do that help enhance my blog.

Reminder for all you Charmies.Charmed Breedable Fashions IS HOLDING WEARABLES CHARM SCHOOL!

Date: Tuesday June 18th Times: 5 am & 7 pm SLT Where: Charmed Breedable Fashions Home Sim Front Door

Two more  blogs and I’m caught up on my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!

Tuesday, 18th June ~ END OF TIME
1pm RonnieMayes
2 pm Phoe Nix J
3 pm Mark Seery

Tuesday, 18th June ~ RHI’S POEM
5 pm KevinMThomas Carpool
6 pm Steely Decosta
7 pm Sunshine Palmyra
8 pm Porter Paquot
9 pm Grif Bamaisin

a-dividerMy blog picture is brought to you by the following designers:

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Location ~ Music Hall of Fame sim at SL10B



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