Tuesday quickie……..

dots and shoesClick Picture

It’s been a long day but I need to keep my challenge blogs up so a quickie for tonight. I’m wearing my first pair of wearable shoes that I designed and made without any supervision,they’re called Giselle’s.  I’ve so many to choose from now!

I did some more exploring today at the SL10B sims. Wearing my “own” CBF shoes, this cute polka dot dress from Cold Logic, jewelry from Zed and great Mesh hair from Dela I took the History Walk at the Beguile Sim. There is a stop for each year of the 10 year SL history with some surprising facts. The one that stuck with me was the tax! In 2003 you had to pay 10L to rez a prim and additional costs for size, altitude and lighting.  However there was a tax revolt and Lindens removed the tax and began the tier system. That  tour was  extremely interesting and one I would suggest you take. Taxi

Not much music today although I did get a chance to hear Mr Scotland, Jukebox Diesel singing at Portland. Always an easy listen and a consummate performer. An hour with Juke is an hour well spent. Although he didn’t sing any Queen today! If you haven’t heard him yet you really should and you can 20/06 6pm slt at Ocean Music ParkFacebook

Wednesday 19th June ~ END OF TIME
1pm Russell Eponym
2 pm Eeco
3 pm Seamore

Commune Utopia The place to be Wednesday’s at Noon!

POL ARIDA  June 19th 12pm- Woodstock Wednesdays!

“Pol Arida’s `Hammer` Guitar style is widely regarded as unique, where the guitar is hit hundreds of times per minute to produce a multi-instrument sound.”  Website


My blog pic is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~DeLa ~ Mesh Hair “Fifi” Blonde 4(Marketplace Store)

Dress ~coldLogic dress – mills.pinks (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~CBF – GISELLE Bow ( bred by me)

Jewelry~ZED ~ Jemma Pearl NeckLace and Bracelet, Black (Marketplace Store)

Poses~aDORKable Poses: Poodle set

Background ~ INSIDE A SCORNED HEART art work by bidina (alodiyah Resident)



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