Hump Day, Pirate Day………………


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It was a dress down kind of lackadaisical day for me, hump day and all. I have to say I’m loving these shorts and top from Erratic, the owl jewelry from Luas and cute hair from sWEET HAIRs  sWEET FACEs .

I continued my tour of SL10B sims today, which I keep encouraging everyone to do because they really are interesting. We all find “our niche” in SL but there are so many different aspects of it and here is your chance to see so many things you might otherwise never come upon. My blog picture was taken in a pirates cabin made my Morgan Strait. If pirating interests you this is the place to go.

I stopped by the Spellbound Stage this evening to hear Ed Barber is a British Singer/Songwriter currently living in the USA with his wife Maylo who he met on Second Life. He is sure to entertain you with his witty banter, audience participation and his vast variety of covers and originals spanning across a number of different genres. His Originals focus on different aspects of Love and Life with songs to make you smile, laugh, and cry as he takes you on a musical journey into his world.” Always very entertaining with a great selection of covers and originals. In 2007 Ed was SL’s youngest live performer and now years on he is very at home on any SL stage. Your musical journey in SL should include an Ed Barber show. Ed  doesn’t have a set performance at the moment but you can learn more about him on Facebook or his song list website.

Charmed Breedable Fashions Charm School Thursday June 20 ~ 10am slt. Taxi

Something to note…..”Next week the Second Life Marketplace will be changing the way you pay for your Marketplace purchases. The Marketplace will begin using the same payment system as the rest of Second Life. In addition to providing a more consistent experience for our customers, this will allow shoppers to leverage the broader set of payment options.”  Read more details here.

I had planned more for my blog today but the texture rezzing issue got the best of me and took me forever to do my picture.  It takes a lot to really annoy me but this texture issue really gets me flustered.  I have tried EVERYTHING. I have a good pc with a new high-end graphics card, new router and I have changed all settings as they have been suggested to me, still………. when I go into higher settings it all starts. If anyone has the  magic formula to stop this please let me know.

My Blog will be moving permanently to ““ in a few weeks. please update your bookmarks and change your email subscribe to the new blog. Thank you :)


My  blog picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~ sWEET Hair sWEET FACEs ~Denise 01 (Marketplace Store)

Top ~erratic ~cary ~ double tank ~ pink-white (Marketplace Store)

Shorts ~erratic ~ briony ~shorts ~floral blue (Marketplace Store)

Necklace ~Luas Owl  Necklaceand Earrings  (Marketplace Store)

Bracelet ~ Noodles ~ Fairy Tale Bracelet Part II Gold Available at Gatcha Arcade

Poses ~Poise ~Poses and Props ~ Pirate 3 (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ SL10B Morgan Straits display



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