Daallee sings……………………….not.

lounge singer daalleea  Click Picture

Most of my days in SL I roam the grid listening to the talented people who share themselves with us. At times I wish I too could sing as wonderfully or play an instrument as finely, but alas I can’t. Image Essentials has just released a very cool set of poses called The Lounge Singer and The Lounge Singer Jewel, so I dressed my avi up and had my 15 minutes of fame all for myself. Dressed in June’s awesome group gift from Morea, jewelry from Smooth Designs and  P.C, shoes from E-Clipse and lovely hair from Analog Dog, I really did feel like a lounge singer.

I was back at SL10B‘s Spellbound today to hear Whirli Placebo. NOBODY KNOWS WHAT  TO MAKE OF WHIRLI PLACEBO! Equally comfortable doing pop, folk, covers, pop, Irish, blues, 15th century ballads, he has a treasure chest of original tunes unmatched in SL. You never know what you’re going to get, so come find out! Be warned! Whirli may leave you thinking you need to put on your glasses to see what you heard. ”  A very interesting hour of good music and educational too. In between songs Whirli gives tutorials in various music genre’s and tidbits he’s picked up here and there. His name says it all and I twirled and whirled as I listened to this splendid performer. Take the tp to Marienplatz on 22/06 1pm slt and grab your slice of Whirli Placebo. Website

 This evening  at Ocean Music Park I heard Buckley Moonwall “Chosen by Billboard Magazine as one of the Top Independent Artists in the United States, -Buckley Moonwall (a.k.a. Gordon Vincent) is a singer songwriter on the edge….. of something.”  It was  obvious after his first song why he has been chosen.  This is a very talented man with captivating originals and stage presence.  I enjoyed an hour of pure musical genius. Buckley can found at various venue’s inworld every Thursday night.   Website

Friday June 21st June ~ END OF TIME
1pm Caasi Ansar
2 pm  Josie Anderton
3 pm Lyn Carlberg

Friday June 21st June ~ RHI’S POEM
7 pm Krysania Eramos
8 pm Stephanniyah Sinatra
9 pm PT Beardmore


My Lounge act is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~Analog Dog ~apple moustache shea

Makeup ~R.B~ Eyeshadow: Boheme-Teal ( no longer available)

Dress ~Morea ~ Brenda (earrings not worn)  June Group Gift (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~E-Clipse ~ G-!nspiration (colour hud)  (Marketplace Store)

Jewlery ~Smooth Designs ~Diamond Heart~Necklace, Earrings (ring not worn)

Ring ~P.C ~Leather Blossom Ring (Marketplace Store)

Prop and Poses ~Image Essentials  ~The Lounge Singer (Jewels)  contains many poses



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