Warm beachy days……….

love the  beachClick Picture

Beautiful, but very warm day in my First Life so basically I was dressed like my avatar, in swim wear.  This lovely bikini from Paper.Doll, paired with this very sensual hair designed by Vanity Hair and jewelry from Moonshadow  definitely makes another good look.

Some may call me addicted, but I did spend a lot of time listening to the Chicago Jam even when I was outside. Laptops are a wonderful thing! It looked and sounded like they were all having a splendid time. It’s all over now till the next one but if you’d like to see what went down you still can here. I’m not sure how long that link will last though.

I popped inworld at noon SLT to hear my good friend Chillee Hernadoz at her SL10B performance. There was another motive though, to see if she could actually pull off a PG hour! Congrats Chillee you did it and your show was as good as always. A very eclectic 60 minutes of  sultry goodness. If you haven’t been chillee-fied then pop over to Club Roca 24/06 6pm slt. and get yourself  some spice.  I can guarantee it won’t be another PG show!  Facebook

This evening I was back in SL looking for music and ended up at Warung BeatsJukebox Diesel was already onstage hypnotizing the audience with his soft, warm voice that wraps around you as you listen to his collection of acoustic, rock, folk, and contemporary songs. Long a favourite of mine, Juke will quickly become one of yours, so grab the tp and head to Acoustic Gardens 27/06 slt.       Facebook

Following Jukebox was another terrific performer.  David Csiszer. “From passion to humor follow the journey with him as he plays guitar and sings.” A man with passion  and awesome originals.  He had me bopping in my chair.  I had to leave early but you can be sure I’ll be back to hear David again. Catch his next show at Ocean Park 27/06 5pm slt.    Website

My last stop tonight was one of my usual Sunday night haunts. Merry Pranksters for the Pickin Party.  Tonight I had the pleasure of hearing  MrJonze Independant, Nance Brody, Lydon Heart, Grif Bamaisin and blueboi.  Tonight there were some impromptu dual streams, what a great treat. Every Sunday night is a Pickin Party, drop by there’s a really  fun and friendly group of regulars and you never know who might show up! So if your a musician looking to jam or even if  just have a few songs you like to sing, come on over and give us all a listen.  Taxi

Today was the last day of performances at SL10B . If you didn’t go, your loss. There was some really fine entertainment this past week. Most exhibits will still be up until the 29th  then the sims will be closed to the public .

Monday 24th June ~ END OF TIME
1pm Paradorn Ansar
2 pm RonnieMayes
3 pm Twinghost Ronas

a-dividerMy beach loving picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~Vanity Hair: Love After War-Frappe (Marketplace Store)

Bikini ~Paper.Doll ~Ruffly Kini: White  (Marketplace StoreAvailable at Gatcha Arcade

Jewlery ~  Moonshadow Shell necklace and earrings  (Marketplace Store)

Pose ~ DeePose ~Down On My Knees 25 (Marketplace Store)

Location~ Beach at Baja Norte



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