Wednedsay is a good day to Tango…

ocho tango

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Today I dressed up in this awesome dress and shoes from Hucci, added the lovely gold tone jewelery from Miss LT and had my hairdresser D!va, style my hair, because I was going dancing!  I found this really great little place called Ocho Tango and dragged a friend along to dance the tango.

Ocho Tango is all about the Tango, with a milonga for dancing and live concerts. Set in the pampas, it’s a great spot to dance, hang with friends and relax or take photos. Taxi

Linden Labs has made an announcement we all need to listen to if we want to continue seeing Second Life clearly.Linden Lab has stated they intend to begin rolling out Server Side Appearance (formerly known as Server Side Baking) on July 9th or shortly thereafter. It is of paramount importance to your user experience that ALL our users upgrade to this 4.4.1 version before the 9th of July. Even our 4.4.0 users should upgrade because 4.4.1 contains some additional SSA code from LL.”     Firestorm and Singularity  have updated their viewers to meet the new code too. As for other 3rd party viewers it is unclear if they have.

I popped in and out of SL today, the weather is just to beautiful in First Life to not be there. Lucky for me I popped in at one point and found out Dusty Smythe was at Guthrie’s ( back up venue) today and not to far into his set.” Dusty Smythe plays acoustic guitar with no backing tracks.  Call it Folk, Acoustic Rock, or Old Hippie Songs.. In times of change, music becomes the language in the street. In addition to making people fall in love,  music has ended wars, freed people, and make us smile.  Dusty chooses songs where the lyrics matter; songs that tell stories.  In his spare time, Dusty writes really sucky bios to pimp his singing career ”  A fine story-teller and folk singer, is my friend Dusty and a very beautiful human being behind the pixels.  One hour with him and you will find out what I am talking about. Unfortunately Dusty has no set schedule, his gigs are rather a hit and miss type of affair. However, if you hear he’s playing  make sure to tp over and have a listen.

Another good friend, who yes I blog often is Mason ThorneMason plays mostly folk music but you might get lucky and hear something from this century as well” was holding court at Helle’s Angels.  How do I explain Mason’s show’s ? Well, it’s kind of like going to a circus with an folk singer providing the music. Highly entertaining and very unpredictable. Masonized covers and a lot of fun at his shows so take the taxi to his next gig and get ready to enjoy yourself. Mason can be found at The Merry Pranksters every Thursday night at 8pm slt.

A note… Helle’s Angels will be closed for the month of July but will be back with lots of great  musicans in August.

My Blog will be moving permanently to ““ at the end of the month. Please update your bookmarks and change your email subscribe to the new blog. Thank you :)


My tango picture is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~D!va Flora” (Type A)(Cat’s eye) (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~ ::HH:: Hucci~ Geita Dress CB – Nectarine ( comes with extra sizes depending on breast size and  actual measurements to help with  fitting)  (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~::HH:: Hucci ~Beira Mules – Sand ( requires slink feet) (Marketplace Store)

Jewelry ~ Miss LT ~Argola ~ Earrings and Necklace  ~ full pearl ring silver and white pearl  ~Goldenwork bracelet – gold  (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~ Kirin – Nana Poses (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ Ocho Tango



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