Daallee does showgirl……………….


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Have you ever wanted to fly high on a swing?  Perhaps had aspirations of being in Cirque du Soleil or in a Broadway musical.  In my virtual life I can be anything, so today I was was a show girl singing a love song on a rose covered swing. These body suits from Barely Legal were exactly what I needed and this wispy hair from Mina gave me the look I wanted.

All you bargain shoppers American Bazaar announced a big sale today

→ SALE ! SALE ! SALE ! AB is having a FINALE SALE on MARKETPLACE! More than 400 old items set at 10L

This finale sale ends AUGUST 31. **Sort by: Age: Oldest First https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/54562

Charmed Breedable Fashions is  holding another Wearables Charm School. Date: Friday June 28th Times: 8 am & 6 pm SLT

This is The Wearables Edition! Attend class and receive detailed explanations of the wearables process as well as the Flair bow. It’s important all Designers understand the process fully so they can create their perfect pair of shoes. CBF will be providing a pair of shoes for everyone to make and take home. It really is rather fun figuring out which shoe paired with which might make something special. Then waiting for the breeding process to happen and birthing the cradles that appear. There is always that chance you might birth the glass cradle and receive the First Life certificate for a pair of designer shoes worth between 300-500 $ USD. The shoe game is a game of chance and skill  so drop by and check it out. Taxi                                                                                                                                       The first Wearable Auction is coming July 11th, so start designing  shoes you want to sell. More on this closer to the date.

This afternoon I spend an enjoyable hour listening to KevinMThomas Carpool in a dual live stream with Mike00 Carnell in Germany. I must not forget George the Dj who always  has a part in Kevin’s shows. Did I mention George is a goat?  A good dual team these two with a variety of covers interspersed with originals. I asked Kevin for a song  not on his song list and he actually made a good attempt at playing it, along with the surprised Mike. Good job you two, I look forward to hearing it again.  Mike and Kevin will be dual streaming again 01/07  12 noon slt at Ragged Edge. Kevin’s Website  Mike’s Website

Next I was off to Playtime Live to hear JordanReyne (jordanreyne.deezul). Jordan’s live performances are a mix of rhythmic grunge/folk/rock guitar, gutsy vocals, and celtic melody. Imagine a mix of PJ Harvey with Dead Can Dance. In RL, JordanReyne is a New Zealand darkwave musician who combines dark electronica, folk noir, and industrial influences with etherial vocal melodies.” How have I not heard her before? Very unique musician who kept me entranced for the whole hour. I don’t think I was even aware of anything else around me but the sounds coming put of my headset. Take the tp to the Mango Yacht Club and listen to JordanReyne for yourself 06/28 12noon slt. Website

Robert69 Little, the man who makes a lot of the video’s I link to, now
has a nice beach area set up at Pranksters Island where you can go,
relax and watch his video’s. Meet Robert and Anna and all the others who
drop by. Taxi

Friday June 28 ~ END OF TIME
1pmKevinThomas Carpool
2 pm Lightnin Lowtide
2 pm Reallymad Morpork


My showgirl look is brought to you by the following designers:

Hair ~MINA Hair – Ainslinn (Marketplace Store )

Bodysuit ~Barely Legal ~ Multi Zebra Semi Sheer Bodysuit ~Multidot Semi Sheer Bodysuit ~Semi Sheer Bodysuit – Hot Pink (many more colours and textures available in store or MP) (Marketplace Store)

Prop and Poses ~aDORKable Poses: Blooming (red)



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