A now for something new on the Fourth of July……

pelleClick Picture

Happy Fourth of July to all my American Friends. Was a busy First Life day for me but I wanted to show off this cute skin and hair from Pelle. I’m loving these body tattoo’s from Tenjin and another picture taken at my new favourite photo site The Trace.

For all you who may have over indulged here is the best hanger ever….. toss into a blender, 1 egg, tsp of horseradish, tsp honey, tsp wheat germ, tbsp grated fresh ginger, 2 aspirin (if you can take them) 1 drop peppermint extract,2 drops Angostura Bitters and a cup of  tonic water. Whiz in your blender till well blended. Pinch your nose and down it quick! Works for me… Good luck!

Weekend is almost here so that means lots of good music to look forward to and you know I’ll be out looking for it.


My picture is brought to you by the following:

Skin ~PELLE – Cocoa nature lips skin (Marketplace Store)

Shape ~Sophistishapes – RACHAEL bodyshape ( includes 3 shapes)(Marketplace Store)

Hair ~Pelle – ZEN  MESH HAIR BLACK (Marketplace Store)

Eyes ~IKON Kaleido Eyes – Night (Marketplace Store)

Tattoo ~Tenjin ~Stone Roses Tattoo Faded ( also comes with fresh)

Pose ~aDORKable Poses: Touch Me 1

Location ~The Trace



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