A girlie feeling kinda day……….


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I was feeling all girlie today and Hucci had the perfect dress for my mood, this lovely summery one that can be casual or dressy depending on accessories.  My hairdresser Wasabi Pills as usual had this great hairdo for me and Maxi Gossamer the right accessories. Last these stylish shoes from Just Design completes my girlie look.

Today I took some time to check out The Home Show. WOW, now if you’re looking for a home makeover you have one stop shopping on two sims. Every aspect of home decor is represented. There are two main landing areas with maps, big and visible at the landing area and in the middle of each sim.  Sim 1     Sim2  Get ready to shop! Show runs the whole month of July.

For all you that like tattoo’s and makeup there is a hunt going on. The 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt. Tat’s are something I’ve recently started wearing and some are so pretty, you know I’ll be doing this hunt.  Hunt runs until July 31st. Starting point

Lastly, MadPea has another game starting. Mad City: The Return of Room 326.   If you like exploring, solving mysteries, then MadPea is for you. This is a point-and-click treasure hunt which requires the purchase of a hud for 150L.  Mad Pea never disappoints. Give it a try, I’m going to. Starting Point

Today I heard Brendan Shoreland at Lyrica for the first time. “Brendan touches our souls with his clear, haunting voice and precise guitar style! He performs selected covers from such artists as Donovan, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd, along with traditional British folk songs and some originals, all with no backing tracks or sound effects, just one man – one guitar. ” A very mellow performer who streams live from the UK. Soft and warm like a gentle breeze and a playful stage presence. I enjoyed the hour with Brendan and look forward to hearing him again.  Catch his next show at The Drunken Drow 06/07 10am slt. Website

I also heard two first’s tonight at Grand Falls. Chillee Hernadoz,”Her roots are blues….but she likes to sing a variety of music from all genres” performed her first ever dual stream with Phillip Moura,I’m Phillip, i’m a musician since i was 3 years old. I play flute, drums, guitar  and i also sing”. The first half hour Chillee wowed the crowd with her collection of popular covers, keeping the audience dancing and cheering.  Second half, Phillip joined her on his flute. These two could not be more different but for me it worked. Like waves crashing against the rocks, a bit wild at first but at the same time soothing. Ending the show Philip played acoustic guitar and sang in SL for the first time.  I’m so used to hearing him on the beautiful flute it was great hearing this other side of him.  You can hear Chillee at Kickin  06/07 11am slt.  Phillip is at the Sydney Opera House 06/07 1pm slt    Chillee  Facebook                          Phillip Facebook

July 6th ~ Rhi’s Poem
11am Terry Lynn Melody
12pm  Max Kleene
1pm Phemie Alcott
2pm  Phoenix J
3pm Voodo Shilton


My girlie picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~Wasabi Pills ~Tanya Mesh ~Rye –  (Marketplace Store) available at Fameshed

Dress ~HH~ Hucci Langtang – Pink Crush and Moonglow  ( comes with extra sizes depending on breast size and  actual measurements to help with  fitting)  (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~JD – Charme  – Tea Canvas (Marketplace Store)

Jewelry ~Maxi Gossamer – Bangles – Aphrodite’s Dream  ( hud included)-(Marketplace Store) available at Fameshed

Poses ~oOo Studio Ottoman (group gift ) (Marketplace Store)



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