I got lost in First Life……….

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Wow it’s Sunday night already, feels like it was Wednesday yesterday. I’ve been busy in First Life and enjoying the gorgeous summer weather and not in SL as much as usual.

With the upcoming changes in SL this coming week it seems many people are in panic mode and I’ve helped a lot friends to convert to Firestorm or Singularity. I finally took a break and headed to my Driftwood Beach Den for some yoga and relaxation.  I put on this great skin and shape from Beau Visage  the sexy new beach attire from Zed and had my hairdresser Analog Dog give me this sweet wavy hair style and hid out!  Unfortunately it didn’t last long.

I’ve had an issue with Singularity and today 3 friends had the same problem, it crashes as soon as loads.  Since it was now not only me I started searching for a fix and found it. If anyone else has this problem it is a bug in the 1.8.0 release, but there is an easy fix! YAY  Apparently, if you also use Firestorm on the same pc the bridge detach code can crash the viewer. Turn off per-account settings in Vanity, then turn off auto-detach bridge in System, Security.  My Singularity, and my friends are now working great!  As for the upcoming changes in SL, we are all in the same boat of wait and see. I  suggest we all just believe it will go smoothly…..”fingers   crossed”.

Headed to Merry Pranksters this evening for the Pickin Party.  Every Sunday evening from 7-11 pm slt  it’s a whoever drops in event and there is always awesome musicians dropping in. Tonight I had the pleasure of hearing Lillie Woodells, MrJonze Independent, BARRY (avantgarde.frequency), BartAlan Barbasz, Vincent Carpathea, Noma Falta, Bono Fouroux. Drop by next Sunday, you never know who’ll  be playing,  but you can be sure it will be good! Taxi

That’s it, not much tonight. Have a good start to your week everyone . 🙂


My hide out picture is brought to you by the following

Skin and Shape~ Beau Visage-Forever Skin-Natural/Day#34 and Shape (cleavage skin and shape included)

Hair ~ Analog Dog ~ Harper ~ Mahongany

Eyes ~Zed ~ Eyes for WOMEN – Brown (Marketplace Store)

Beach Wear ~ Zed ~Summer Fresh Kini  Lime, Cream & Sunburst ( top, bottom & skirt and Lola appliers) (other colours available) (Marketplace Store)

Props and Poses ~ Skye Studio ~Driftwood Beach Den (Marketplace Store)



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