If an Avi trips in SL does anyone hear it’s cries?

kowloonClick Picture

I took a trip to the Kowloon Market, a very interesting Asian sim full of quirky and interesting sights. As I was headed down to the Flea Market I tripped and ripped my new jeans from Candydoll and ended up with virtual blood all over my new Grasp shirt, and Hoc sneakers. I was rather embarrassed so I just pulled my Miss C hat over my face, picked myself up and continued on my journey. However, I do have to ask…. did anyone hear my cries?  As I said, this is a very interesting place full of strange and curious wares, many hidden areas, just a rather cool place to explore. The official description is ….クーロンSIMはPSゲームのクーロンズゲートをセルフトリビュートして制作したものです。
当時の製作者の一部が、クーロンSIMを制作しています。       Here’s your taxi should you wish to explore Kowloon.

Charmed Breedable Fashion CANCELLATION……………….  The Wearable Auction set for 5pm slt Thursday July 11th, has been cancelled for now.  BUT customer appreciation Day is still on for 24 hrs Thursday, July 11th. All designer bags and flair bows to make the wearables will be on sale for 50% off. I hope they have a traffic cop available as I bet there will be tp jams all day!  Sale will run from 7am slt July 11th until 7am July 12th. Sale Locations : Mainstore      Sassy’s    Wheels

The Hair Fair starts this coming weekend (13th) and the DEMO group is now open and is free to join. Copy and paste this into your viewer to join.    ~   secondlife:///app/group/2e30d166-f3e5-e2de-ff72-b3da2d06ded2/about    Demo packs from designers will be sent out on the 12th and you will be able to try the demos at home or in a lag free place and then make your choices

Due to  storms in my First Life area I am ending my blog here this evening.


My Kowloon picture is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~ Miss C. – Xenia II_AshBlonde (includes hat and colour hud) Available at Designers Circle

Shirt ~ Grasp ~Patch shirts(LQ)Red  (Marketplace Store)

Jeans ~Candydoll ~ Cosita Jeans Shade 12  (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~HOC Industries – Suede Sneakers (includes colour hud) (Marketplace Store)

Jewlery ~EMO-tions ~TRUTH* bracelet and Necklace  (Marketplace Store)

Poses ~no wow- wild thing~ nr.4 (Marketplace Store)

Location ~Kowloon Market



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