Thank goodness for weekends….

one of those weeksClick Picture

Have you ever had one of those weeks you wish would end in a hurry and the weekend would appear yesterday instead of tomorrow?  I think we all have at one time or another.  I was exploring a sim named Roche. Barren, isolated, worn out and lonely, yet there was a sense of peace there. The buildings have weathered storms and the land has given all it can but it all seems to stand proud. A wonderfully landscaped sim and perfect place to take pictures. I got a bit frustrated when I broke the heel on my CBF shoe, so I sat down at this bus stop, none came.  I was probably a bit over dressed for exploring in my slip of a dress from Auxiliary, jewelry from Miss LT and hairdo by both D!va and LeLutka . Finally someone sent me a tp elsewhere. If you go to Roche, forget about the bus, take the free bike and ride around. Did I mention there is sheep there?  Taxi

Tomorrow is Friday! YAY FRIDAY!  It’s also a big weekend in SL .

On Saturday, thousands of volunteers and team members will be gathering on July 13-14 for the ninth annual Relay For Life of Second Life 24 hour event to CELEBRATE, REMEMBER and FIGHT BACK. Together they will walk the The Relay track which stretches across 34 of 40 Relay sims  in their quest to see an end to cancer. In total more than US$300,000 has been raised during the 2013 season.  Website   Facebook   Blog Twitter  Flicker . Unfortunately I wont be able to attend much as I have a RFL event in First Life Saturday and other things going on.

Two very popular fairs start on Saturday. The Hair and Shoe fairs.  I can feel my wallet emptying as I type.

Hair Fair runs from July 13-28th. Here is the website and the LM should be available after midnight on their website or in search.

Shoe Fair runs from July 13th – 31st.  Here is the website and the LM should be available after midnight on their website or in search.

Just a bit of Friday Music but there is so much more in SL more than I could even start to   blog so use that search to find  it all.

July 12 ~ End of Time
1pm KevinThomas Carpool
2pm Lightnin Lowtide
3pm Reallymad Morpork

July 12 Surfside Hideaway
12pm Mamaa Saiz
1pm   Beth Odets
2pm  RoseDrop Rust
3pm Tukso Okey
4pm Laidback Celt
5pm Senjata Witt


My blog pic is brought to you by the following:

Hair ~D!va~Chika4 (Type A)(Cat’s eye)(Marketplace Store) ( siting up )

Hair ~LeLutka ~INVERTED hair ~BlondeFun (Marketplace Store)

Dress ~Auxiliary ~Belted Pencil ~ Geo ~Nudes Available at Collabor88 (Marketplace Store)

Makeup ~ alaskametro~ Limited Edition Makeup – Mascara Tears available from the the 2nd Makeup and Tattoo Hunt.

Shoes ~CBF – SERENA Zebra Strap (Shoes I bred)

Jewelery ~Miss LT ~Amy black pearl  Necklace and Earrings (Marketplace Store)

Location ~Roche



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