My evil twin……

daallee and dale  Click Picture

It’s been few days since I last blogged as I had a lot going on in First Life but I’m back and want to introduce you all to someone.  Dale (aka daalleee) my evil twin who thinks it would be great to model some male fashion from time to time. As he was putting himself together we stopped off at Zed and picked up these cool outfits. I made a dash into CoCo’s for my sneakers while Dale dropped into his barber, Redgrave for a trim. We ran out of time so I just slapped on an Argrace hair and cap and headed to one of my favourite sims Roche for some great views and pictures.

I finally made it to the Hair Fair after many tries. As always I encourage everyone to strip down to basics as it’s slow moving due to the number of avi’s there. I didn’t see many avi’s who have gone back to basics… just saying. If you liked legos as a child your going to like the hair fair. I purchased several hairs I really liked so you’ll be seeing them in upcoming blogs. I really liked that the demo’s were available through group notices so you can go directly to where your favourite hairs are.  Taxi

Shoe Fair has finally started and runs till the end of the month. I have yet to make it in but here is your Taxi, perhaps you’ll have more luck. Remember SCRIPT DOWN!!

Last evening I tp’d over to Dust Radio to hear Etherian Kamaboko. “Etherian performs Blues, folk, rock and jam covers. Playing 6 & 12 string acoustic, Resinator Slide, and electric guitar w/ harmonica, with keyboard drum emulator. All Live!! ” Great hour of old school blues and folk with a very cool harmonica going on.  Made me want to grab a glass of cold sweet tea, kick back in a rocking chair on the porch and listen with my eyes closed. Unfortunately I couldn’t find an upcoming performance for Etherian.                       Website

Today I finally had the chance to hear Moon Spark for a full hour at Portland. “A voice that will rock your ears and guitar playing that moves your heart! This talented singer will have you sing along with some awesome covers and original tunes. With her raw edgy sound and loads of laughter during all of her tracks, she makes you want to hear more! ” Not much more  I can add to that except she lived up to every word of it. I will definitely make time to see Moon more often. Hear her for yourself at Mind, Body & Spirit 17/07 1pm slt.  Ask her to sing some Melissa Etheridge cos she rocks it!

Next on the Portland stage was Jukebox Diesel with his always moving acoustic sound  and Scottish accented mellow voice. An hour with Juke is always an hour well spent and you’ll quickly find yourself singing or humming along. Do your ears a favour  and go hear  Jukebox 17/07 at Boom Pony 5pm slt.  Facebook

Some music options for July 17th

Commune Utopia~ Cassi Ansar~ 12pm slt – Woodstock Wednesdays!

End of Time
1pmRussell Eponym
2pm Eeco
3pm Seamore

Peppa Mill for late nighters
8pm   Savannah Cornet
9pm Chillee Hernandoz

I know I keep saying my blog is moving to  exclusively but I have one more thing to do before I can do that but it will be very soon. Please update your follow status if your still interested.


My evil twin picture is by the following:


Hair ~Argrace~ Baseball Cap with hair  “Long wavy” ~ Blonde (Marketplace Store)

Top ~ZED ~Tribal Kanij Hoodie ~ White (available in several colours)               (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ZED ~ Tribal Kanji Sweat pants, Black (available in several colours)         (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~COCO ~Distressed Leather Sneakers ~Two-tone (Marketplace Store)


Skin ~Belleza– Mathieu Tan available at the Boys of Summer Fair

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~Redgrave ~ Hair CHRIS – Dark (Marketplace Store)

Top ~ZED ~ MESH Tribal Kanji Trackie Jacket ~ Black (available in several colours)(Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ZED ~ Skull Cargo Shorts – Dark (available in several colours)                (Marketplace Store)

Shoes ~ZED~MESH Hogs Breath Boots with socks (available in several colours)(Marketplace Store)

Pose ~Rack Poses ~ I’m waiting (Marketplace Store)

Location~ Roche



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