I’m a klutz……………..

pelleClick Picture

I took a stroll through Hazardous again today, looking at areas I’d not seen before. I ventured down into a fissure and was foolish enough to walk down a rickety walk way and  well as you can tell I slipped! Most who know me already are privy to the fact that I am a klutz in both worlds. I ruined my new NV jeans and Ever ‘an Angel tops. Muddied up my lovely Pelle skin and hair, and lost a piece of my Miss LT jewelry. I should have remembered that the sim is called Hazardous for a reason. Take a trip there yourself  and see why.  Taxi

I spent some time at the Shoe Fair 2013, but I am wondering if it isn’t quiet ready yet as there weren’t as many shops as I had expected and many empty ones. I did however pick up a few pair and of course you will be seeing them soon. Taxi

This evening I tp’d around here and there with my first stop being, Zenzibar where Franklee Anatra was doing an acoustic set of contemporary tunes.“FrankLee has been playing nightclubs and parties professionally in the Real World for well over a decade and SL since  2008” Franklee has a captivating voice and along with his harmonizer and guitar, puts on one heck of a good one man show. It’s clear why he has had a good following all these years in SL. If you haven’t heard him yourself you can at 6pm slt 18/07 at Crystal Gardens.                         Facebook            Website

The other music I saw this evening I have blogged this week so won’t tonight.

Some music options or July 18th

Surfside Hideaway
11pm Aminius Writer
12pm Clairede Dirval
1pm  Suzen Juel
2pm KatRose Serendipity
3pm Nance Brody

Lavender Fields for Feed a Smile
12pm Chelsea M Noel
1pm  James Corachea
2pm Ariangel Rockefeller
3pm Rara Destiny


My Hazardous, klutz picture is brought to you by the following:

Skin ~PELLE ~ Sabina Ebony skin pale lips eyeliner   (Marketplace Store)

Shape ~ My Own

Hair ~PELLE ~ Howl mesh hair black with Tattoo shaved base (Marketplace Store)

Tops ~Ever An’ Angel ~ Sheer Morris Blouse – Tulip                                                                                                                                                          ~ Embroidered Cami Bra – Artemisia   (Marketplace Store)

Pants ~ NV ~450 Ski Jeans ~used washed   (Marketplace Store)

Jewelery ~ Miss LT ~Asas  ~Necklace and Earrings ~ Silver  (Marketplace Store)

Location ~ Hazardous



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